Pepper Box

Pepper Box owner Jim Wilson

Nothing tastes better than a fresh home-made traditional tortilla stuffed with shades of green avocado, ripe tomato, Tillamook Cheddar Cheese and scrambled eggs covered in a generous topping of green chile crema.  I mean nothing.  This is what I eat, not on Monday, because the Pepper Box, a food cart at Dreamer’s Marketplace, is closed on Monday but as soon as I can I walk down there every Tuesday around 10 am.

After about three hours of food prep the Pepper Box Owner and chef Jim Wilson will swing open his window ready for business at 9am.  I make it about an hour at work and then find myself automatically moving towards the door, no matter how piled high my desk is.  He stuffs other things in these tortillas too. Like pastrami with pickled peppers and onions or turkey, bacon, avocados and Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese always with a smoky/spicy crema holding it together.

Go there.  I mean right now.  Take a little cash, like seven dollars, and find yourself sitting outside in the patio area Jim has set up so you enjoy that first twinge of fall in the air as you watch interesting things roll past you on MLK.

Pepper Box is located at:
Dreamers Marketplace
2737 NE Martin Luther King Jr.
Portland, Oregon 97217

open Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 3pm