Crime Blotter – Winter 2012

By Ofc Peter Helzer

Let me start off by saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Mele Kalikimaka, Feliz Navidad, and anything else I might have missed!   I apologize for not having made it to a meeting in several months.  We have been quite busy with Occupy Portland and several related events, and have been unable to make it to the bulk of the neighborhood meetings. .

Areas of Recent Concern

– Abandoned Houses:  So far, this is an issue I have been dealing with in King and Vernon, but anywhere in Portland is susceptible.  Organized groups of people have been squatting in vacant homes in the area.  They claim to be making improvements, but so far in dealing with these houses I have seen an overall lack of skill involved with the “renovations” that lead to serious safety hazards in these structures.  Please let me know if there are any vacant houses or squatters on your block.

– Car Prowls:  By the time you see this, all the Christmas Shopping will be over, but there are still New Years Sales.  Please remember to not leave anything in your car you would like to keep.  Most merchants will hold items for you until you are done shopping, especially large items.  The trend continues in the neighborhood this quarter as well.  This is not localized to any particular area in the neighborhood, either, and extends through Boise and into Humboldt.

Recent/Upcoming Events

– Bad Weather:  We don’t usually get a White Christmas in Portland.  Generally we will see our worst weather in mid-January.  We all know how hilly parts of the neighborhood are, so please take care to leave enough stopping distance.  Getting going is easier then getting stopped so be careful.

– New Years:  Have a safe and happy celebration, but be very careful on the roads!

OFC Peter Helzer, NRT

Angela Wagnon, ONI