Board Meeting Minutes 2011-12-12

Meeting began with traditional December Potluck Dinner

Minutes Approved

Officer Nominations beginning with Chair

Discussion of whether Co–Chair model is better than Chair and Vice-Chair

Co-Chair—Angela Kremer and Allan Rudwick receives four (4) votes

Chair —Allan Rudwick receives five (5) votes

Allan Rudwick is elected as Chair and accepts

Vice Chair

  • Julie Woelfer receives four (4) votes
  • Angela Kremer receives five (5) votes

Angela Kremer is elected as Vice Chair and accepts


Kristin Yates receives nine (9) votes

Kristin Yates is elected and accepts


Tamille Lundmark receives nine (9) votes

Tamille Lundmark is appointed and will be asked to accept


Clint Lundmark receives nine (9) votes

Clint Lundmark is elected and accepts


The LUTC recommended

  • Mike Warwick (Chair)
  • Laurie Simpson (Vice Chair)
  • Clint Lundmark
  • Jason Franklin
  • Kirsten Jenkins
  • Lee Perlman
  • Allan Rudwick

Board approved those members

Board Member Addition

Clint suggests that we nominate Amanda Milholland to become a board member

Pamela moves to nominate Amanda Milholland

Angela seconds

None opposed

Amanda Milholland accepts nomination to the board

Rose Quarter Partnership

Angela introduces/explains the partnership with Blazers—Angela will email/mail GNA to all Board Members

Focused on vitality and livability of Eliot Neighborhood

  • $5,000/ year
  • parking
  • litter
  • noise

Creating a parking permit program

Preservation and enhancement of residential  life


Pamela wonders if a Blazer Representative has ever been asked to be on the board?

Clint mentions they do not really have a “right” to be on the board.

Pamela encourages the board to ask individual Blazers to be more involved in Eliot Neighborhood

Lee brings up historic conservation of neighborhood and asks if the Blazers would ever support preservation of Eliot?

Allan wondered if we asked for enough?

Amanda asked how the $5,000 would be dispersed; who would decide this?

Julie wonders how we would decide about parking permits and if we would start doing door to door data collecting?

Committee Updates

Pamela updates the board on Dawson Park Concerts (Wednesday evenings in July)

  • Asks for more participation from the board
  • Trying to bring the whole neighborhood together and diversify those who attend and bands that play
  • 1st meeting is January 13th

Katy Asher updates the board on NECN activities

  • Save the Date January 7th at the Aviary on Alberta St. Come celebrate NECNs work and Solarize NE
  • Candidates Forum—end of February–email Katy for more info

SALT—PPS enrollment and reorganization of boundaries

LUTC–Columbia River Crossing

Laurie updates the board on the Oral History Project

  • Asked for more board involvement
  • Interviews are being transcribed

Clint updates the board that next newsletter submissions are due by December 18th and he needs material

Pamela updates the board about the opening of Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel

  • Neighborhood Celebration on February 11th
  • Special tours will be given before the opening on Tuesdays in December from 5:30-6:30

Lee mentions a new restaurant Ox will be opening in the space that was Echo and the PDC has started work on the Gateway Project!

Allan encourages the board to let people know about ENA and how they can get involved.

9:02 Meeting Adjourned

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