Board Meeting Minutes 2012-02-13

Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 2012-2-13

7:02— Meeting starts with welcome and introductions

Minutes are read and approved with one change.  Lee states that Legacy Emanuel has a pharmacy and eating options he was specifically asking if they would support development  extending further into the community?

Changes to the Agenda?

  • Tamille Lundmark asks for time to request funds for the Dawson Park Summer Concerts
  • Katy Asher of NECN asks to make a short presentation about Portland’s Public Involvement System
  • David Lee from Portland Greenways asks to explain the new bike path project

Crime Blotter

Officer Patrick Johnson steps in for Officer Pete Helzer

  • Visitors to the meeting mentioned some increased car prowls near Ivy.

Portland’s Superfund Study and the Portland Harbor Partnership

Dave Harvey

  • Clean-up site along the Willamette from the Broadway Bridge to Sauvie Island
  • 14 businesses involved because they have property along the superfund site and they have either added to the pollution and the contamination of the river or they have inherited the problem
  • Superfund site was designated in 2000
  • 2011-2012 they will evaluate the options and propose a plan which will probably be a combination of these three options
  • Dredging
  • Capping
  • Natural Recovery
  • 60 days of formal public input will then occur
  • 2013-2015 clean up decision
  • 2016 implementation

Request for Sponsorship—Boise Eliot Neighborhood Music Festival

Amanda Millholland

  • Amanda works for Port City and they are in the process of putting on their 2nd Annual Boise Eliot Music Festival which will be hosted at the Secret Society and Port City on May 11th and 12th.
  • Eight bands are already committed
  • Money raised by the event is not designated for a specific purpose but will be used to engage the surrounding community.
  • Motion by Tamille Lundmark to give them $250.
  • Seconded by Kirsten Jenkins
  • Motion amended by John Engleheart-Noel that ENA give them $500
  • Seconded by Kirsten Jenkins
  • All in favor/none opposed

Food for Board Retreat

Allan Rudwick

  • Retreat is scheduled for March 12th from 6-9pm at normal Medical Office Building
  • Regular March agenda is canceled and we will have an Eliot Visionary Session instead
  • Allan requests we have food for the event because of its time and length
  • Pizza from Sparkys is suggested
  • Julie Woelfer motions that we give Allan Rudwick $200 to purchase the pizza
  • Clint Lundmark amends the motion asking that Allan try to get some of it donated or discounted and that we give him $100 instead for the purchase of pizza.
  • All in favor/none opposed

Portland’s Public Involvement System Neighborhood Structure Purpose and History

Katy Asher—NECN— Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods

  • Established in 1974 to improve neighborhood livability, to create a welcoming environment, to increase outreach and diversity, and to empower effective community building
  • Office of Neighborhood Involvement is housed in City Hall and gives funding to NECN which is kind of the backbone to all 12 neighborhood associations within NE Portland
  • NECN has three sub-committees.  Community and Economic Development Council (CEDC), Safety and Livability Team(SALT) and Land Use and Transportation Committee(LUTC) NECN encourages people from all of the 12 neighborhoods associations to take part in these committees to be even more informed about issues of the neighborhood

Land Use Subcommittee Update

Allan Rudwick

  • New Seasons moving in and new development along Williams
  • Neighbors bring up concerns about parking at New Seasons and the amount of extra traffic that will be caused because of new construction of store and other buildings
  • Concerns are voiced about the height of the new potential construction and also the issue of gentrification.

Portland Greenways

David Lee

  • Portland Greenways connecting the esplanade to North Portland
  • 14 month process

Dawson Park Update

Tamille Lundmark

  • Gives brief about Dawson Park Concert Series
  • Tamille moves that Eliot Neighborhood Association Support the Dawson Park Concert Series with a $500 sponsorship
  • Pauline Bradford seconds
  • All in favor/none opposed

Northeast Coalition Community Committees 

  • Land Use and Transportation Committee Wed., March 22, 7:00pm, at NECN

This month, discussing NE Quadrant Plans, NE Broadway, Comprehensive plan. These are long term, ongoing discussions that could change the face of your neighborhood – N. Williams, Killingsworth, Dekum, or whether or not a 7-11 vs a local mini-mart comes in in the future. Consider participating!

  • Safety and Livability Team  Monday, March 19, 6:30pm at NECN

Safety and Livability Team will host the North Precinct’s new Chief, Mike Leloff to get introduced to the community. Also hosting reps from Portland Fire and Rescue, Chip Shield’s office regarding illegal fireworks.

  • Community Economic Development Council Thurs. Feb 16, 8am at NECN

Hosted 80 people at our Exploring Economic Development event on Feb. 1. Summary of the event with all of the resources for encouraging job and business growth are up on the NECN website!

 9:00 —Meeting Adjourned