LUTC Minutes 2012-02-20


Febuary 20, 2012 Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Minutes

Submitted by Allan Rudwick

6:35 pm call to order

Members Present:  Allan, Jason, Laurie, Kirsten, and Lee.

Public in attendance: 2 folks who live next to the Ivy street housing development, 3 representatives from MLK housing development (Julie Garver, Brian Carlton, Ben White), prospective property owner Yule Heibel, 2 folks interested in LUTC items: Erin Howell, 1 more.

(Allan’s note: Sign-in sheet or better record-keeping recommended for next time, also perhaps being recorder would be beneficial to the quality of minutes)

6:30 – MLK Housing (between Cook and Ivy) Julie Garver, Brian Carlton, Ben White

5 story building that steps down to 4 stories near neighboring single family houses.  parking in the back (Access from Ivy street).  Potential phase 2 would include a 6 story building on the south end of the lot with more parking.  They are including ground floor retail in the project along MLK.  Concern that the retail space does not have sufficient storefront area, or street parking, to be succesful.

7:00 – 2107 N Vancouver – Yule Heibel

Discussed land uses in south Eliot to assist Yule’s decision to buy in the neighborhood- property – unfortunately for her lot was already under contract before the meeting.

7:10 – N Williams Safety update

4 proposals have been made – more information here:

7:20 – N/NE Quadrant update

Discussed the process, General consensus was that the project is going to be bad for Eliot at the benefit of folks living farther away from the area.  Construction impacts will be great.

7:30 – Broadway / Weidler update

Meeting to discuss Broadway / Weidler.  Building consensus between N/NE quad neighborhoods and NECN, and Lloyde business district.  another meeting wil be scheduled and NECN will write a letter, accordingly, to the N/NE quad SAC

7:45 – New Seasons/Ben Kaiser’s projects

Discussion of the limited amount of parking that the Kaiser projects would allow and the height proposed for the buildings.  The committee agrees that a zone change to RX would be preferred to EX, which was originally requested.  Proposal was to invite both developers to the March Meeting.

8:15ish – Ajourn