LUTC Meeting Agenda 2012-05-21

Meeting of the Land Use and Transportation Committee (Public welcome) at Legacy Emanuel Hospital room 1027.  6:30-8pm. 

This is a conference room inside of the hospital.  Entrance on N Gantenbein at N Stanton.  (Location subject to change.  Please call Allan at 503-703-3910 if lost)

0.  Review minutes from April

1.  Changes to Agenda?

2. Developer Presentation: Emerio Design: 2-lot partition of 541 NE Tillamook

3. Developer Presentation: WDC Properties: 2 apartment projects on the west side of MLK.  One at Morris Street one at Cook Street.

4. Land Use and Transportation Committee will discuss the North/NorthEast Quadrant Project

5. Public Comments

6. Ajourn