Eliot from Above Then and Now

Aerial View of Eliot Neighborhood 1955

1955 Aerial View of Eliot

Houses, houses, houses! In 1955 houses dominated the landscape in Eliot. This view of Eliot from above was taken as part of a larger photo of the downtown area.  The image shows the neighborhood before the massive changes that came in the 60’s and 70’s. Memorial Coliseum had not yet been built, I-5 had not yet tore through the neighborhood, the Emanual Hospital campus had not yet sprawled into the neighborhood and Fremont was just a street (not quite in the picture) and not also a bridge.  Also worth noticing, Lower Albina still had homes, Albina park was square, the grid pattern covered most of the area, and the now vacant lots around Russell near Williams and Vancouver had buildings.

Aerial View of Eliot Neighborhood c 2012

2012 Satellite View of Eliot. Courtesy Google Maps.

Eliot neighborhood is a much different place now.  Luckily some of homes on the east side of the neighborhood made it through “Urban Renewal”.  It’s easy to see how the neighborhood lost around 50% of it’s housing when comparing the 2 pictures. 

2 thoughts on “Eliot from Above Then and Now

  1. What’s to be done right now? How do we address what’s happened to our neighborhood and bring to bear our skills about its future?


  2. This is a really neat juxtaposition. It is worth noting that the street grid from Russell and Mississippi used to connect Lower Albina all the way up to Boise in a seamless transition. The Hospital and Interstate have really severed that connection so that only Mississippi and Vancouver go through now.


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