Board Meeting Minutes 2012-05-14

Board Meeting Minutes 2012-5-14


Eliot Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

7:05 Open Question and Feedback

Inviting neighbors

Accomplishing goals

Attendance (inclusion)

Neighborhood gatherings (concerts in the park or block parties)

Find out the events that are already occurring in the neighborhood (Good in the Hood)

How do you intentionally engage people who are already attending these events?

Have a table

Have a list of ENA accomplishments

List of things we have invested in (Newsletter, park concerts, clean-up)

Sign up people…get their information

Help people get there

Let them know about the issues that affect their neighborhood

Promote the general meetings

Items of action

Angela will make a list of accomplishments to share with people

Create a list of how people can get involved

White Board w/markers so neighbors can share their ideas or concerns

Jim Hlava will table at Good in the Hood

Angela will table at 2nd Wednesday Concert

Would any others like to table at an event?

Earthquake Preparedness—Community Disaster Preparedness

Jacob Nitchals— and

Saturday, June 2nd Resilience PDX King School 4906 NE 6th Ave 10:00am to 5:00pm

Connect with other Portlanders to acquire and share knowledge

Event will host a number of workshops on topics such as earthquake proofing your home, preparing a comprehensive household kit and food storage

Suggestions for meeting places or information hubs throughout Eliot?

Dawson Park

Urban Gardens

Irving Park

Matt Dishman Community Center

The Hubs will have info about shelters, food resources, medical resources, tool libraries

Responders most likely will not be able to reach most people for 72hrs

Officer Talk

Officer Gryphon and Officer Ockunzi

Good improvements in Eliot

Concerns would be car prowls, house prowls, Dawson Park

Gang activity has been increasing for the last 3 years and always gets worse in the summer

Loaves and Fishes—Summer in September Jambalaya and BBQ Festival

David Lomax

Loaves and Fishes has been around for 41 years

All volunteer support

Asking for our support by letting them use Dawson Park and a sponsorship

Pauline moves that we sponsor a $500 table

Not enough board members to take a vote.  Check with Tamille regarding how much we have saved?

We will check back in on this issue during Junes meeting.

Committee Updates

Neighborhood Cleanup May 19th

Julie Woelfer

8:30am meet at N. Graham between Williams and Vancouver

Put signs up

N. Williams Project

Allan Rudwick

Open House May 11th at 1pm

Meeting Adjourned


Board Members: Allan Rudwick, Angela Kremer, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Julie Woelfer, Kristin Yates, Laurie Simpson, Pauline Bradford

Visitors:  Katy Asher (NECN), Jake Nitchals, John Boren, David Lomax