Board Meeting Minutes 2012-06-11

Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Minutes 2012-06-11

Discussion of New Building Developments within Eliot. 

What concerns or questions do you have?  What are you excited about?

  • Glad to know what is coming our way
  • Creating an environment of mixed income levels
  • Distant future—parking will become a problem

Minutes Read and Minutes Approved

Officer Talk

Jim Quackenbush

  • Crime is going down
  • Crime is becoming the crime you see in more affluent neighborhoods with robberies happening during the day
  • Discussion of what happened at Pepper Box and The Meadows Salt Shop  (The use of a child to rob the register)
  • Discussion of Dawson Park and how the more we use it the less hospitable it is to selling drugs

State of the Treasury

Tamille Lundmark

  • We have 6,034.70 as of 6/5/2012
  • Slight decrease in our budget mainly because we have increased our donations
  • We want to keep donating
  • We want to keep a cushion
  • What do we want to work towards?
  • What as a neighborhood do we want to support?

 Alan moves that we place $4,000 in an account that is not assessable without two signatures (that of the treasurer and chair). The rest will be fluid and can be assessed by the treasurer without knowledge of the board.

7 in favor

2 opposed

Alan moves that we use online banking so that the chair can see the transactions that are occurring.

8 in favor

1 abstention

Loaves and Fishes—Summer in September Jambalaya and BBQ Festival

David Lomax

Last meeting Pauline Bradford moved that we give this event $500.

All in favor

None opposed

Events in Eliot

Juneteenth on June 16th

Good in the Hood June 22nd-24th

Friendraiser July 21st

Summer in September Sept. 8th

Movie in Dawson Park August 31st

Dawson Park Concert Series

For all Dawson Park events ask if we can welcome people to the event and mention a very brief explanation of ENA, when we meet and what we do.

Create a flyer about our accomplishments.

Subcommittee A-Team is established

Allan Rudwick

Alexa Heidrich

Angela Kremer

Amanda Milholland

 They will meet before the first Dawson Park event and create flyer and also determine what we want to say to welcome people.


Don’t Forget!

 Innovative Housing Inc. Friendraiser on July 21st, 2012 12pm-3pm

Emmanuel Hospital is turning 100 years old!

Board Members Present:  Allan Rudwick, Allan Sanchez, Amanda Milholland, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark, Joan Ivan, Kirsten Jenkins, Kristin Yates, Pamela Weatherspoon and Tamille Lundmark.

Visitors:  Lee Perlman, Angela Wagnon, Alexa Heidrich, David Lomax, Ms. Martinez