Crime Blotter – Summer 2012

By Ofc Peter Helzer

Hello, all.  It looks like the nicer weather is joining us earlier than it did the last couple years.  That’s great for all our outdoor activities, but brings a few perils as well.  The news is good about warning everyone to block 2nd story windows at four inches so toddlers don’t open them and fall out.  Putting a dowel in your 1st floor windows will allow you to get some airflow through the house without providing an easy way for burglars to get in while you are away.  Try to secure them so that when the window is closed, they don’t fall out of the way and allow the window to be opened from there.

Areas of Recent Concern:

– Car Prowls:  I just looked at the numbers from January 1st to June 1st and once again larceny is towering above everything else.  Over that 6 month period, every crime category was under 20 incidents except larceny at 163.  111 of those were car prowls which amounted to 68% of the larceny and 49% of all crime in the neighborhood.  Please remember not to leave anything in your car that you would like to keep.

– Street Drug Dealing:  The bulk of the complaints I am receiving are from your neighbors to the north in Boise, but I still receive a few reports of folks dealing near Dawson Park.  The numbers show that there were two arrests for drugs near the park, and both calls were initiated by the Officer.  If you see anything, please call.

Recent/Upcoming Events:

– End of School:  School is out and there will be plenty of under-occupied youth looking for something to do.  Don’t give them the opportunity to find their activity on your property.  Be outside and seen during the summer.  Say hi to the kids, and they will know you are paying attention.

– July 4th:  It’s time for fireworks.  Have fun and stay safe.

OFC Peter Helzer, NRT

Angela Wagnon, ONI