Finally, a Sports Bar

Tavin’s Pub

Gone are the days when going to a sports bar meant visiting a smoke filled, dingy bar with greasy food.  Now there is a choice when you want to join fellow fans or rivals for a fun spirited couple of hours cheering on your favorite team.  In the last few years several “new generation” sports bars have popped up around town, but none here in Eliot until now.

Tavin’s  Pub opened their doors on May 1st in the middle of the neighborhood.  The pub features 5 or 6 good sized flat panel TV’s as well as a large projector screen—perfect for those games when almost everyone is cheering for the same team.  The pub is clean and welcoming, with comfortable chairs in case the game goes into over time.

Best of all, Tavin’s has great food.  Think of it as a sports bar, Portland style.  Sure, you can get a burger and fries, but it’s a really good burger and if you like, you can get it Luau style.  The fries come with Tavin’s special sauce which is a spicy, creamy concoction that is fabulous.

When you go there, don’t just assume you will get that burger and fries even though you are at a sports bar.  Instead, check out everything the menu has to offer.  For appetizers you will find Prosciutto wrapped asparagus spears, Salmon Cakes and Risotto Balls stuffed with brie.  For an entrée the list includes Parmesan Alfredo Chicken, Salmon Fish Tacos and Pesto Butter Prawns.  Not in the mood for a full entrée? No problem. The sandwich list includes the classics and the  unique like the Italian Chicken & Sugar Snap Pea.

Even if you could care less about the Portland whatcha-call-ems and the Seattle whoever-they-are matchup, go for the food.  The atmosphere is not so overwhelmingly sporty that you feel like you have to wear a jersey or you will be out of place.

Tavin’s Pub is located on the corner of Russell and Rodney at 102 NE Russell.


Projector Screen at Tavin’s Pub