Board Meeting Minutes 2012-11-12

Eliot Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes 2012/11/12

8:00—Kickoff Conversation.

What three things do you hope for the city in light of the election?

Minutes read (Kristin Yates) and approved by board.

Police Talk—Elise Temple

We still need to talk with North Precinct to find out who are new neighborhood officer is.

Shooting on Shaver and Gattenbein

Shots fired at Holladay Park which seems to be connected to a shooting on 39th

Amanda Millholland mentions an increase in graffiti

Joan Ivan mentions that dealing seems to have evolved to using cell phones instead of just hand to hand deals.

Neighborhood Livability & Partnership Report–Justin Zeulner

They are working towards a sustainability initiative that was started in 2005 when they began looking at the Blazer’s carbon footprint; including the fans’ carbon footprint getting to games and whatnot.  They would like to do more benefit than harm and they have even been participating in food waste composting.  Sports teams have an incredible amount of power within cities and we would like them to be working towards making our cities and neighborhoods better.

Lloyd District Community Association is part business association and part neighborhood association.  They are not a part of the NECN.

Contact Angela Kremer at if you have suggestions or comments about the beautification process.

Officer Nominations

Amanda Millholland moves to reinstate all officer members who would like to continue.

Kayla Mulllis seconds

Nine in favor.  One opposed.

Newspaper Editor and Treasurer are both open positions.  Clint explains the different roles he fulfills quarterly for the newspaper editor and promises to send out a better description.  Make sure to talk this up with neighbors  or people you think might be interested.

Amanda Millholland nominates Nancy Zimmerman to be a board member and puts her on the slate to become the treasurer.

All in favor. None opposed.

Make sure that Tamille Lundmark contacts Nancy to pass along the phenomenal system she has maintained.


Joan encourages all board members and visitors to engage in NECN because there is tons of work getting done    there.  Safety and Livability is the next meeting coming up.

Lee shares about Williams Ave. regarding parking issues, new developments and New Seasons

Amanda announces their Dine Out fundraiser on Dec. 6th!

Kristin mentions that there is a fundraiser for the Al Forthan Scholarship coming up. It will be a training titled: Inequality and Black History in Portland.

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