Board Meeting Minutes 2013-02-11

Board Meeting Minutes 2013-02-11

7:00 Welcome and Introductions

Chenoa Philabaum (

  • There is no projected completion date, but think late summer early fall.
  • Job fairs will be hosted to hire local employees.  There is a plan to hire within the neighborhood.
  • Employee parking has been acquired at some in some of the local church parking lots and a 20% discount to employees using public transit.
  • More bike parking.

Allan Rudwick met with board members from Boise. There will be a discussion about the best way to make changes to the fact that both neighborhood meetings meet on the same day of the month.

Nancy Zimmermann spoke to us about how much work she has done to create a street mural through City Repair on the corners of Tillamook and Rodney.  There will be a kick-off party (potluck) on Saturday, the 16th of February and she needs a core team of five individuals to help coordinate.  Eliot needs to take this on a project therefore giving us the support of NECN.

Not enough for quorum but all in favor none opposed to learning more about the beautification project and supporting Nancy in this cause.

Officer Talk:  New Neighborhood police office Schmerber came to our meeting.  He has 12 years with the bureau.  Annie Rudwick asked that with all the new apartments being built will that increase patrols?  Officer Schmerber stated that the squeaky wheel always gets the grease.  If you have a problem get your neighbors on board and make some noise.

Allan Rudwick brings up the point that people would like to advertise on our website.  What are our thoughts regarding this?

We need to check with Clint about putting advertisements up on our website and the amount of work this would take Clint and whether it is something he would like to see happen.

Allan Sanchez will head up the Neighborhood Clean-Up with the help of the MRC men.

Allan Rudwick encourages everyone to take home the bylaws, look them over and make changes as you see fit.  We will go over it in this month’s meeting.

9:00 Meeting Adjourned

Meeting Attendees:

Allan Rudwick

Annie Rudwick

Alan Sanchez

Kayla Mullis

Patricia Montgomery

Nancy Zimmermann

Robin Best

Kelly Gillard

Chenoa Philabaum