Board Meeting Minutes 2013-03-11

Meeting begins at 7:00pm

Officer Talk with Officer Burns—We mention some parking issues and how to let an officer into a secure building.

Minutes are read by Kristin and board approved.

Rick North of Clean Water Portland:

  • He began looking at the science behind fluoridation a couple years ago
  • He came to the conclusion that fluoridation is not safe.  That is attacks the brain and that it does very little to prevent tooth decay

Nancy asks about the politics behind this issue.  She was wondering why this was even an issue if there seems to be clear results that it fluoridation can hurt and does little to help.

Alan asks where they are in the process.  Recently Clean Water Portland canvassed and were able to get 20,000 valid signature to put this issue on the May ballot.  If you want to learn more regarding fluoridation and Clean Water’s viewpoint please see their website or fluoride

Nancy Zimmermann—Street Art Project at the corners of Tillamook and Rodney with City Repair.  They have a rough draft of what they would like to paint.  Nancy would like to make this an Eliot Neighborhood Project so that the project and accept 501 C3 donations.

  • Clint would like all of the neighbors who live on each of the corners be enthusiastic about this
  • Nancy says one of the rules of the program is that each of the corner neighbors be in complete agreement and 80% all of the neighbors within a certain radius also be in agreement
  • Nancy moves that Eliot Neighbor Association support this project
  • Allan Seconds
  • All in favor none opposed

Alan Sanchez—Neighborhood Cleanup on April 28thI

  • He needs lots of volunteers
  • New Seasons has donated in the past
  • Wonder Ballroom has donated in the past
  • Get trucks to do neighborhood pick up

Allan Rudwick—Bylaw Talk

  • Please read over bylaws and make amendments.
  • Discussion of minimum age for being on the board.  Right now if it is 14.  It is agreed that if a 14 year old is interested on being a part of our board they should definitely be allowed.
  • Do we as a board think it should only be the board who can amend the bylaws or all of the members?

Clint Lundmark—Eliot Newspaper

  • Clint brings up that having the chair also be in charge of the newspaper is too much for one person.
  • If we are passionate about having a paper we need to back it with our time and energy.  That means writing articles, finding advertising and delivery.
  • Alan Sanchez agrees to take over advertising
  • Allan Rudwick suggests that he step down as chair and take over the Newspaper instead

Pamela Weatherspoon—Concerts in the Park

  • 4 Concerts and a movie this year
  • Pamela would like the board to support the concert in the park by giving $500
  • All in favor none opposed

Spenser Burton—Tree Project

  • He wants to get at-risk youth to help canvass the neighborhood asking homeowners if they would like a new tree and then return to plant that tree.  The youth would get paid 10/hr for this.
  • Spenser would like us to write a letter in support of co-sponsoring this grant project
  • Clint moves that we support this project.
  • Pamela Weatherspoon seconds
  • All in favor none opposed

Meeting Adjourned at 9:15pm

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    1. Allan,

      Caroline Dao from Boise here. Can you send over the contact for Pro-Flouridation? We are having the same talk on Monday April 8th and will/should present both sides of the issue.



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