The 2013 Clean-Up was a success!

VOA Cleanup Crew
Volunteers of America Cleanup Crew

The 2013 Eliot Neighborhood Association Clean-Up was a success!

An able and capable group of volunteers arrived early, ready to work. They made the day fun while contributing to Eliot’s great livability.

Special thanks to New Seasons, Volunteers of America, NECN, Metro, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Mike Warwick and his truck, Eddie & Becky of Becky’s Scrap Metal, Roxy of Portland Pensione, Allan Rudwick “the prez,” Clint Lundmark, Legacy, Starbucks, Pizza A Go Go  and Dominos.

We recycled a huge quantity and variety of materials. Some of the items recycled: furniture, televisions, clothing, toys, tools, tires, metal and wood. An impromptu swap meet of sorts sprouted up a number of times during the event!

We removed and disposed of 14,860 pounds of garbage from the neighborhood that day!

We accomplished our mission of reducing Eliot’s carbon footprint while bringing the neighborhood together through sharing.