Board Meeting Minutes 2013-05-13

7:00 Meeting begins

4th Dimension Clean & Sober Club —Winston Murray

·         Clean and sober club for young people on Mississippi and Interstate

·         7:00pm-Midnight Sunday- Thursday & 7:00pm-2:30am Friday-Saturday

·         They are here to let us know what is going on, and to let us know they are excited to be offering such a needed presence within Portland’s late night activities

Dangerous Intersection at North Broadway and Flint/Wheeler—Betsy Reese

·         She has been advocating for a change in that intersection since 1999 after watching many traffic collisions with other cars/pedestrians/bicycles

·         That specific intersection is like a wheel hub with many traffic spokes coming off of it

·           Reasons there are so many accidents include: 1) People finding an opening in the four lanes of one way traffic and trying to cross over all four for a turn around. 2) Cars making right hand turns onto Flint with bikes using the bike lane but not being noticed.

·         Two changes: Removal of slip ramp U-turn in street care island plus removal of one vehicle lane on Broadway.  Also signalization, including pedestrian and bike signals.

·         Betsy is asking for a letter from the board in support of these two traffic changes

·         Some ideas thrown out by the board were to get the Blazers and Left Bank more involved in this project and maybe to use some of our beautification money to plant trees.

·         Allan moves we write a letter

·         Annie seconds

·         All in favor none opposed

·         Motion passes

Officer Talk—Justin Winter—our neighborhood police officer

·         Spike in thefts but no other concerns

·         Annie asks about the increased amount of graffiti.

·         It is suggested that she contact Marsha Dennis who is in charge of graffiti abatement

Washington Park—Claudia

·         The Zoo and Portland Parks have decided to meter Washington Park

·         A big question is if we want our parks to start doing metered parking

·         Another issue is that the Zoo and Portland Parks seemed to be purposely underhanded in the method they used to try to get this passed with metro and city council.  They did not brief the specific neighborhoods about their plans but told metro and city council that the neighborhoods agreed with the plan.

·         Nancy motions that we write a letter not necessarily with an opinion about metering but addressing the parks and zoo’s methods of trying to get this passed.

·         Annie seconds

·         2 abstentions

·         None against

·         6 in favor

·         Motion passes

2013 Neighborhood Cleanup was a Success—-Alan Sanchez

Special thanks to:

·         New Seasons

·         Pizza A-Go-Go

·         Dominos Pizza

·         Starbucks

·         Roxy at the Pension

·         VOA-Men’s Residential Center

·         Mike Warwick

·         Legacy Emanuel

·         14,860 lbs of garbage was taken away

·         Huge donation to Goodwill

·         Brought in over $1,000 after we get reimbursement back from NECN

Public Announcements

New Seasons

·Job Fair on June 28th at PCC in gymnasium (please try to keep this within the neighborhood)

·Late August opening

·Bill McGee is the store manager

National Night Out—Pastor Matt Hennessee

·         National Night out is on August 6th

·         The idea behind it is to take back our public spaces making them safe for our families

·         Committee meeting at 10am on June 1st3138 North Vancouver Avenue

·         Pamela Weather (Legacy Emanuel will help support it)

Dawson Park—Lee Pearlman

·         There seems to be some progress to the plans for redoing of Dawson Park

NECN—Benjamin Adrian

·         Meeting Facilitation Training—Monday, June 3rd at 6:30 (NECN)

·         Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Meeting—Wednesday June 19th 6-8pm (NECN)

MLK Dream Run—August 14th

Nancy Zimmermann states that intersection painting is a go!

Pamela Weatherspoon—Hill Block community will be restored and planted with grass in the fall hopefully!

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