City Council approves rezoning request

by Alise Munson

Massing Study – Fremont and Williams

On Thursday, June 27, Portland City Council approved developer Ben Kaiser’s request to rezone his property between NE Cook Street and NE Fremont Street on North Williams Avenue to RX (Central Residential) zone. This decision is the first step in building the BackBridge Lofts, a 100-unit residential development with commercial use on the ground floor.

At the council meeting, five homeowners and an ENA LUTC representative voiced support for the zone change, but with language limiting the building height to 65-feet instead of the 100-foot allowance.

The height condition was rejected by Mayor Charlie Hales, Commissioner Steve Novick and Commissioner Dan Saltzman who approved the zone change. Commissioner Amanda Fritz favored the limitations.

The next opportunity for public input comes during the Type II Design Review. Updates will be posted on the Facebook page Red Balloons for Reason.

Watch the June 27 council meeting online.

Massing Study – Looking West at corner of Fremont and Williams