LUTC Meeting Agenda 2013-07-15

Eliot Land Use Committee Agenda
July 15th at 6:30
Emanuel Room 1035

  1. Call to order (once quorum is available)
  2. Approval of draft minutes
  3. BRIEF re-cap of Council hearing and discussion of “next steps” to engage with Ben
  4. Review and approval/rejection/hold for revision of Policies from current Eliot Plan:
  5. Further discussion of the questions below in light of the Comp Plan “maps” that was initiated at the last LUC meeting.
    1.  Should development within the EHCD be restricted to single family structures (including townhomes/plexes – but excluding 5 or more unit structures)?
    2. Should high density housing be restricted to properties currently zoned for that use (including Ex)?

      1. With only design review where required (the current Plan)?
      2. With increased restrictions where these properties abut R2 zones (so-called “split block zoning”)?”