Board Meeting Agenda for 2013-10-14

Meeting of the Board (Public welcome) October 14, 2012, 7 pm

Medical Office Building West/East on 501 N Graham-

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. (Kristin) Read & Approve Last Month’s minutes

3. Changes to agenda? Police report?

4. Portland Teacher Update on School We Deserve campaign

5. Albina Tree Initiative (Spencer Burton)

7. Election of Officers and Land Use and Transportation Committee roster

8. Committee Updates, NECN & other announcements and Public Comment

3 thoughts on “Board Meeting Agenda for 2013-10-14

  1. Can I assume since the last meeting was at 6:30 PM, that this one is also at 6:30 PM?

    Smart Growth PDX neighbor in North Eliot
    Paul van Orden


  2. Correction: The October 14th Meeting is officially a General Membership meeting not a Board meeting. At General Membership meetings we elect a Board of Director and there is open positions in Eliot. In November, Eliot Board elects its officers and Eliot has a Chair position open. The Board has the potential to reaffirm the current and any new Land Use and Transportation Committee members as the Chair has sent a list of members that are able to be affirmed as LUTC members.


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