General Membership Meeting Minutes 2013-10-07

DRAFT- NOT YET APPROVED (minutes submitted by Paul Van Orden)


There were 13 folks present at the start of the meeting as well as Portland Police Officer Tom Marshall. Portland Pension housing facility representative present (name?) , representative from Cascadia Behavioral present ( name?)

Police Report and Updates:

Officer Marshall notes that the PPB has several online tracking tools and outlines the tools. he discussed the tools the use of Crime Mapper to see what is happening in your area.

The bureau has an application or program coming out for Smart phones. It is kind of like tweeting he told the neighborhood.

Officer Marshall mentions they have trained 60 officers in responding to people in crisis with mental health issues. He discussed the mobile crisis units. They travel directly to mental health related calls.

Generally speaking, for the bigger crime issues in Eliot there is a downward trend from April to August. There was a spike in July for issues such as drugs and simple assaults and then it dropped back down after July.

Hospital calls for police service get reported here in Eliot, so our numbers are potentially falsely high based on parties injured in an assault other crime being taken to Emmanuel Hospital and being listed in our crime statistics.


Albina Tree Initiative:

Spencer Burton talks to the Eliot NA about his effort to get tree installed in Eliot, Boise, Humboldt neighborhoods. He offer a bit of background on the project. He notes that the first 140 trees will be free to the community.

Spencer has written grants to put the trees out in the neighborhood. The project is working with Rosemary Anderson High School, which will be assisting with the project.

Portland Teachers:

A group of teachers advocates discuss the contract negotiation they are in now. They came to ask us for support on the issues they outlined in the letter that they forwarded to us.

They announced to the Eliot Board that they are holding a forum at Jefferson High School, at 8:30 PM this Wednesday, October 16, 2013 that will cover the topic of “The School Portland Students Deserve”

There is a series of questions in general asked of the attendees from the community forum.

Presenters offer a lively set of perspectives about our education system in Portland.

Angela Kremer mentions that the By-Laws says we can have 20 members on the Board. There are 18 names that have been brought forward for consideration.

They are the following for general Board membership:

Angela Kremer
Jim Halva
Alan Sanchez
Clint Lundmark
Pamela Witherspoon
Eric Olson
Katie Hughes
Paul van Orden
Allan Rudwick
Annie Rudwick
Kristen Yates
Nancy Zimmerman ( She is moving but still willing to hold the treasury duties down until she moves)
Joan Ivan
Johnny Engelhart-Noel
Patricia Montgomery
Kayla Mullis

The Board also worked to reaffirm the LUTC:
Alan Rudwick
Mike Warwick
Laurie Simpson
Clint Lundmark
General Announcements:

Angela discusses a variety of issues including the reconciliation process with Emanuel hospital and longtime neighbors.

The Beauty Committee got off the ground in April / May . They had $5000 to spend and still have some left to spend.

The concerts and the Jambalya festival went well. Good in the Hood festival is in Eliot for the second year.

Field trip down Williams with Mayor tomorrow
Faye Birch and Avel Gordley will be key parties involved.