LUTC Minutes 2013-10-14

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee
Minutes from September 16, 2013 Meeting

Eliot Land Use Committee Minutes (DRAFT- NOT YET APPROVED)
October 2013
Submitted by Mike Warwick, Chair
The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:30 with a quorum present. The agenda was reviewed and action of the Board meeting the prior week discussed in light of pending action to recommend new committee members to the Board and the election of officers; the committee will act on both in November, when Allan has returned.

This is the time of year when Emanuel makes its annual presentation to Eliot and Boise as required under the IMP. There is little new to report as Emanuel has no immediate plans. The land transfer with the city and associated rezoning they presented to the committee previously has gone through and they are planning to expand onto the property the city uses to store heavy equipment on the hospital side of N. Kerby. The expansion is to improve the surgical areas. Construction will start within a couple of years, which means the city will need to vacate that land. The city’s use of that site has been both an eye sore and befuddling for decades, in light of the fact they have plenty of room in the Albina Yard and in the parking lot across from Emanuel’s emergency entrance. Emanuel is moving to restore the site between Williams and Vancouver across from the Urban League office. They have asked community members how they would feel about adding a track or some similar facility on the site instead of/in addition to, just grass. The idea is maybe Nike would be willing to put in the track. The discussion among committee members was supportive so Emanuel will continue to explore this possibility; however, it will not delay site restoration.

The individuals who asked about a zone change for the corner lot on Cook and Williams across from Pizza a Go-Go did not show after indicating they wanted to provide some preliminary plans. They have since indicated they want to appear at a later meeting.
Nan Stark attended to discuss the current status of the Comp Plan process. Although the schedule suggests a second draft of the Plan would be available in October, they are providing a mapping tool instead and soliciting public comments both using it and via messages to staff and Planning. Nan strongly recommended letters with specifics in addition to any comments on the mapping tool. We discussed some of our general aspirations with respect to zone changes and she strongly suggested getting specifics to her as soon as possible. She indicated no zone changes will be proposed without landowner discussions first, and probably their approval. She will more to say on that topic once we have specific zone change requests developed.

Mike reported on the Design Commission appeal of the 115 Cook project (they asked for more changes), this lead to a discussion of the Kaiser project with Ben Kaiser present. After Ben left there was a discussion of the LUBA appeal. The Design Advice Hearing before the Design Commission is coming up, so there was an extensive discussion of what, if anything, the LUC wants presented at the hearing. The committee voted to make a statement echoing concerns expressed by the neighbors regarding height and debasement of Eliot’s historic character. Mike indicated he would do so.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 PM.