Beauty Meeting Minutes 2013-11-19

Beauty Committee Meeting Minutes 2013-11-19


Notes submitted by Kayla

Here is a recap of the decisions and tasks from our meeting on Tuesday. A lot of the action items are already in motion, and I’ve noted where that is the case. Please let me know if I missed anything,

 Key Notes:

The Livability/Beauty committee will focus on sign caps and tree plan for next 6-8 months

Garbage Cans & Parking will come next. Immediate action items for these longer term projects are:

Look into interim parking solution, like parking price adjustment during games – Who?

Review TMA parking study once complete to refine parking strategy

Asking city for full parking study of area is still on the table


Sign Caps Action Items:

KLA prepares design concepts based on names/images proposed at meeting and map or proposes ‘Phase 1’ locations (key NH entry points) – KLA (in process)

Consult with brand manager (lives in neighborhood) to get ideas – Angela & Mike W. (in process)

Confirm cost of fabrication & installation and # of caps for first phase – Angela

Consult community groups / residents on idea/design at upcoming meetings:

December 3rd: Emanuel Community Committee meeting – Allan will get item on agenda

December 9th: Eliot Board meeting – Full team

January 13th: Eliot Board meeting – Full team

Reach out to key residents / communities for feedback (churches, businesses, etc) – Angela, Mike, Allan

Prepare newspaper article about proposed designs (2-3) and solicit feedback at January meeting or via website poll – Allan

Identify business to target for 2nd phase funding (to be implemented after first, Eliot funded caps are installed) and assign contact responsibility – Mike W.

Tree Plan Actions Items:

KLA will develop a study area schematic for lower Eliot (San Rafael & South) to include parking strip & current tree location – KLA

After pilot study: Identify target for new trees and develop implementation plan – Beauty Team

Expand study to larger Eliot Neighborhood, potentially using VA volunteers and KLA staff as trainers for what data to collect – ?