Board Meeting Minutes 2013-11-11

Board Meeting Minutes 2013-11-11

7:05 Meeting begins with introductions

Starting Question: What do you like about the Eliot Neighborhood in the winter?

Talk about construction on Williams and Fremont—nine stories building in the works

Welcome and appreciation to our four new board members:

  • Katie Hughes
  • Paul Van Orden
  • Eric Olson
  • Stuart Malkin

Election of Officers

·         Treasurer—Annie Rudwick

·         Recorder—Kristin Yates

Stuart Malkin motions to re-elect Kristin Yates as Recorder and elect Annie Rudwick as Treasurer

Kayla Mullis seconds

All in favor

One abstention

Discussion regarding new chair/vice chair begins with ideas from all sides about the best way to run the meeting and encourage interest in those positions.

  • It is suggested that the board agrees to bringing one guest speaker who speaks toward something they are interested in to the board once a year.
  • It is suggested that that we meet quarterly or every other month.  Would we lose more energy and interest because of meeting inconsistency?
  • What if we connected ourselves to the LUTC meeting and make it a longer meeting but a joint one?
  • Officers and Board Members present please sign up to call or write another board member to let them know of our need for a chair and ask them about Eliot topics they would be interested in for the following year.
  • So many new apartments in the neighborhood!  Whether it is on your way to work or with another board member please extend a welcome to these new neighbors and let them know about our monthly meetings.  Angela has magnets that would maybe make it easier to help remind them.


Neighborhood Updates

Shoshana updates us about NECN happenings:

  • Wednesday, December 4th Land Use and Transportation meeting with special guests Commissioner Novick and Lea Treat at NECN
  • Thursday December 5th 7pm at NECN Neighborhood Outreach and Communication Roundtable
  • Backpack program through NECN for students who need food over the weekend
  • Free street trees still available through NECN

Beauty Committee Update

  • Still looking into getting neighborhood street sign caps
  • Next meeting is Tuesday, November 19th at 7pm

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm