Board Meeting Minutes 2014-01-13

Meeting begins at 6:35

Angela Wagnon –Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Crime Stats from last month—mostly larceny (vehicle)

Kristin Yates reads December’s minutes and they are approved

Angela Kremer reads from an email she received from Humboldt School’s PTA, Principle and other School Representatives

  • They would like to meet with Eliot Neighborhood Association to talk about how the neighborhood can better support the school so that the students will be better served.

Alan Sanchez tells us about the next neighborhood cleanup on Sunday, April 27th from 10am–2pm.

  • Get the word out
  • Focus on ReUse
  • Music, Food
  • Get Excited

Annie Rudwick gives us the Treasurer’s Report

  • We have 10,891.92 in our account
  • Allan Rudwick motions that we name Annie Rudwick and Alan Sanchez the signing authorities on our Albina Community Bank
  • All in favor, none opposed

Discussion about making Clint Lundmark our webmaster

  • Discussion centered around making sure our page is cohesive looking
  • Clint feels fine about the established system but he would be willing to give people the rundown about all of our outlets for media.  It is important we keep a nice looking page but we also want to encourage input from the neighborhood.

Discussion about Eliot News.

  • Is it time to expand or is it time to let it go?
  • Allan Rudwick would like to expand to businesses on Williams.
  • Mixed opinions regarding it.  Quite a bit of work especially when getting people to submit articles is incredibly difficult.

Neighborhood Updates

Paul Van Orden gives us the Land Use Update

  • A building project wants ENA to give them a letter of support of them building an interior courtyard that is open to the public.
  • Angela Wagnon from ONI is concerned about the layout because of safety concerns.  This is an office building and therefore it would only be used until evening.  It would be hard to keep it safe at night.

NECN Update with Joan Ivan

  • New Board Members Learning Session—Tuesday, January 29th
  • Seeking volunteers for the Grant Committee.  You will review grant proposals that will be applied for in February and March.

Beauty Committee Update with Angela Kremer

  • They have put together a neighborhood survey asking general questions about what individuals would like to see happen in Eliot.  Please help circulate this survey.
  • We might need two different groups. One will focus energy on re-branding the neighborhood and the other will continue the Beauty Committee work of determining projects that the neighborhood is interested in putting money into to make it more livable.
  • On MLK day, Emanuel Hospital will be giving away free flu shots from 11-3 in the Lorenzen Center

Clint nominates Alise Munson as a board member

  • All in favor
  • None opposed

Meeting adjourned at 9:40