LUTC Minutes 2014-03-17

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee

Minutes of meeting March 17, 2014

Location: Room 1027, Emanuel Hospital

Committee members present:
Mike Warwick (Chair)
Laurie Simpson
Clint Lundmark
Phil Conti
Mike Faden

Others present:
Joel Gregory, president, Ex Novo Brewing Co.
Susan, neighbor of planned Ex Novo pub

6:40pm: Call to order and Introductions

Agenda item 1: Discussion of conditional use request submitted for use of former ELEEK building (2326 N Flint Ave) for Ex Novo Brewing Co., a non-profit brewery and brew pub. ELEEK was a wholesale manufacturer and dealer of lighting fixtures. The building can be reused for another commercial purpose so long as it is consistent with the previous use.

Joel Gregory, Ex Novo founder/president, described plans for pub. It will be open afternoons and evenings until 9pm, 10pm or 11pm depending on the day of the week. Full menu. Some tables outside. No parking lot. Bike corral. No live music planned.

Neighborhood concerns include parking, noise, litter. Parking: Will add to parking pressure; nearby property owners have expressed concern regarding parking issues. Clint notes that there is more street parking available than on many other Eliot streets. Noise: Joel Gregory says he believes there will be a net noise reduction compared with industrial noise from ELEEK. Litter: drinks will be served in glasses, not disposable containers.

Mike Warwick noted that site on Flint was rezoned for “residential” use in the Albina Plan. LUTC has proposed that zone be changed to Ex (or the new Mixed Use zone) in the Central City Plan. If adopted, this change would allow the proposed use.

Proposed: To provide letter of support for Ex Novo proposed use of site. Passed.

Other agenda items:
Mike Warwick provided overview of urban renewal areas and the work of PDC.

Other items:
Discussion of potential uses of Port City building on Williams

Mike Warwick provided brief details of newly formed committee working on City’s planned new Mixed Use zone. He is on the committee.

Meeting adjourned at 8.25 pm