Board Meeting Minutes 2014-3-10

6:35 Introductions

February’s minutes are read and approved

Treasure’s Update— Annie Rudwick

  • $11,074.17 in Eliot Account
  • $3,190.00 in Livability Account

Beauty Committee Update—Angela Kremer

  • Trees, intersection painting, sign caps, trash containers are some of the ideas that they have worked on
  • Angela wants to focus on outreach and making sure we show equity. She wants  those people who have lived in the neighborhood a long time asked about how they would like the money spent

Articles are due!  Thanks Allan Rudwick for putting the paper together for us!

Concerts in the Park Update with—Pamela Weatherspoon

  • Concerts start Wednesday, July 9th and they run the next three consecutive Wednesdays
  • They will be showing two movies this year
  • Grand re-opening of Dawson Park
  • We usually give CNP $500 and this year Pamela is asking us for $1000
  • Another idea is to talk to the contractors who are working on the park–asking them to help support CNP
  • Kristin moves to give CNP $1,000
  • All in favor—-None opposed

Police Report—Officer Hansen

Annie Rudwick asks how the neighborhood should handle squatters

  • 30 day eviction notice
  • Involve the Neighborhood Response Team (NERT)
  • Ongoing investigation into the apartment building burning last summer
  • There have been other arson attempts throughout the neighborhood

Neighborhood Cleanup Update—Alan Sanchez

  • Sunday, April 27th 11am—3pm
  • New Seasons gave $300.00
  • Make sure to involve Boise-Eliot School by getting an article in their paper
  • Get the word out.  Tell your neighbors!

Eliot Boise School—Live in the Neighborhood, Learn in the Neighborhood

  • Principal Kevin Bacon
  • Roof project this summer
  • They would like to contribute articles to our paper and they would also love if we used their paper to get news out
  • ENA would love to be more involved in the school and creating a liaison person might be appropriate to make sure there is good communication between the two
  • Angela makes a motion that we donate $250 to the school
  • Annie Rudwick seconds
  • All in favor, none opposed

NECN Community Grants applications are due 3-14-2014

Urban Bee Habitat Workshop—March 19th 6:30 at NECN

8:30 Meeting Adjourned