Seven Bridges Winery

Seven Bridges Winery

Tucked away in the depths of the Lower Albina industrial area is an urban winery.  You won’t find rolling hills of grape plants or majestic old oaks, but you will find good wine.  Seven Bridges Winery is located among warehouses, storage lots and railroad tracks right here in Eliot Neighborhood.

As you wander down into the industrial area you know you are in the right place when you spot the grape plants growing in the parking strip in front of the door.  The door itself might make you question if you are in the right place.  Go ahead and open it.  Travel down the short hall and up some stairs.  The tasting room is there, honest.

Seven Bridges
Seven Bridges Winery Tasting Room

The tasting room is nestled within the same open space where the wine is made and stored in barrels.  It kind of gives you the feeling you are part of the wine making process.   It’s a great old warehouse from the late 20’s or early 30’s that undoubtedly would have stories to tell if it could.  A repurposed 3 panel door painted the color of red wine is a chalkboard inscribed with the tasting menu for the day.  Natural light pours in from the old windows high up the wall.  All in all it is a very comfortable space.

Seven Bridges features “rich, full bodied red wines”.  Most of the fruit for the winemaking comes from the Columbia, Yakima or Walla Walla valleys.  A majority of the offerings are wonderful blends but there is also a good selection of single varietal wines.  If you like wine even a little you should make a point to visit.   If you like “big reds” this is a must-do stop for your next wine tasting adventure.

Seven Bridges Winery tasting room is located at 2303 N Harding and is typically open Saturday and Sunday 1 – 5.  Check the website for exact hours and to find out about special events.