Reverend Nat’s Cidery

Rev Nats EntranceReverend Nat West (yes, he really is a Reverend) started his Hard Cider journey from a  friend’s apple trees with lots of extra apples. What started with 5 gallons of hard cider in his garage has turned into using 200 million of apples per year to create over 20,000 gallon of cider in inventory in a warehouse turned cidery in the Eliot neighborhood.

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Widmer Brothers Brewing

Widmer Sign

In 1979 home brewing was legalized in Oregon. Kurt and Rob Widmer, having trouble finding a beer that they liked in Portland, decided to embark upon the adventure of making beer for themselves and friends. Five years later, they decided to turn their hobby into a career and cobbled together funds to open their brewery.  They scrounged up parts and opened in an industrial space in what now is the Pearl District.

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New Brewery with a Mission

By Stuart Malkin

Ex Novo Brewery
Ex Novo Brewery is being built in time for a summer opening

The tag line of Ex Novo Brewing Company captures the essence of Joel Gregory’s mission — ‘Better Beer for the Greater Good’. The brewery’s mission is to make high-quality craft beer and is committed to donating net proceeds to selected non-profits. The brewery is emphasizing its brews, and as Gregory puts it, “We take beer here seriously.”

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Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

Rev Nats Taproom
Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider Taproom

You may recall last September seeing promotional materials for a block party in the southern part of the neighborhood. That same weekend Portland had that unseasonal cold rainy and windy storm. The block party was supposed to be Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider welcome to the neighborhood. Unfortunately it did not happen, but Rev Nat’s is still here.

The cidery and public taproom is located in the newly refurbished “Trade Bindery” building. The bulk of their space is the cidery where apples are turned into bubbly beverages. However, they reserved a small portion for the “public taproom” where you can go and taste a flight of cider, get a pint, or buy a bottle to take with you.

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Now It’s Bunk

Bunk Sign

Bunk Bar is the latest rendition from the Bunk family to occupy the space under the Wonder Ballroom. About a year ago a new restaurant named Trigger – billed as “a Bunk Joint” opened up. It was a sit-down restaurant featuring quality Tex-Mex. Over time they changed up the menu a bit, some for the bad, some for the good. In June the Beer Can Chicken was featured in Portland Monthly. Eventually they switched to counter ordering and no longer had wait staff. That pretty much marked the end of Trigger. Now, still a part of the family, the space has become another Bunk Bar.

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