LUTC Minutes 2014-08-18

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting minutes 8/18/14


Committee members: Mike Warwick (chair), Phil Conti, Allan Rudwick, Paul Van Orden, Laurie Simpson

Jimmy Wilson – owner/operator of Jimmy’s Dry Cleaners & the food cart pod at Williams & Fremont (but not the landowner)

Blake Goud, citizen bike advocate

Colin Zimmerrer-Mazza & family:  proposed single family residence +  ADU

Two neighbors near 7th Ave & Russell

Meeting called to order 6.35pm

  1. Blake Goud requests support for letter re Interstate bike improvements
  • Has been discussing with BTA
  • Also plans to talk to other neighborhood associations. North Portland Greenway group expected to vote on whether to support letter in Sept
  • Resolved: to sign on to letter with slight wording change. Passed with no dissenting votes. Mike W to write letter
  1. Colin Zimmerrer-Mazza and family/relatives
    • Proposed single family residence: three stories with ADU
    • @ NE Hancock & NE 3rd
    • Vacant lot right now
    • Design attempts to blend industrial and residential
    • Outside conservation district
    • Feedback
      • Request design more engaging to neighborhood
      • Mike W notes neighboring EX zoning might mean that more industrial appearance might even be better because of future likely developments in the area
  1. Parking issue
    • Construction: Kaiser lot @ Williams & Fremont filled for temporary parking
    • Proposed to write letter requesting equitable enforcement of code to Amanda Fritz & Portland BDS. Passed with no dissenting votes.
    • Key points:
      • Violation: Commercial parking prohibited on surface lot in RX zone
      • Violation: City code 33.266.130, sub paragraph G In violation of parking area setbacks and landscaping
      • Does not appear that erosion control was addressed
      • Paul Van Orden to provide further details
  1. Jimmy Wilson operator of Jimmy’s Dry Cleaners & lot with food carts @ Williams & Fremont (not landowner)
    • Aug 26 expects to be fined for over-length carts, improvements on lot
    • Discussion of possibility of non conforming use exception, if can show history of non-conforming use
    • PDC grant may be possible for improvements if can show non-conforming use
    • Jimmy Wilson says he has spoken to Amanda Fritz about the issues who said would get back and has not
    • Suggestion that individuals contact Amanda Fritz directly; request waive fee/fines; PVO to provide relevant information
  2. Mike Warwick
    • Possibility of century house signs in Eliot
    • Discussion of Mike’s proposed alternative to City’s proposed street fee; Committee endorses proposal to recommend alternatives to the current street fee proposal, such as expansion of the Area Parking Permit program, and for Mike to present to NECN LUV meeting with LUTC endorsement
    • Brief update re institutional zone advisory committee