Community Conversations

conversationYou are invited to join in conversation with your neighbors and the Eliot Neighborhood Association (ENA) board about our Eliot neighborhood.

The board has scheduled 3 events to get to know and hear from Eliot Neighbors. These community conversations will help set priorities for projects that Eliot neighbors care about most.  It is the ENA Board’s job to make decisions on issues that come up for the neighborhood. It’s their responsibility to represent all the neighborhood people when making decisions. They need to hear what folks have to say. Come be part of Eliot Neighborhood’s future.

Imagine a neighborhood where people know each other and work together to benefit the community as a whole.  What would it take to get there?

Let’s Talk…

ELIOT OPEN HOUSE Wed. October 8 6:30-8:30 PM and FREE RAFFLE!
COMMUNITY CONVERSATION Wed. October 22, 6:30-8:30 PM
COMMUNITY CONVERSATION Wed. November 5, 6:30-8:30 PM

All Events At:
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
120 NE Knott Street. Portland Oregon 97212

Food provided. Children welcome. Wheelchair accessible. Email two days in advance for childcare, transportation and interpretation.

Help spread the word, and bring your neighbors!

4 thoughts on “Community Conversations

  1. At this Open House, the intent was to have neighbors meet; capture comments and thoughts about issues and situations to begin the conversation of what is important for the community that the board should focus on in the coming year. The process continues with the Survey and a second conversation event Oct 22, same place to gather and discuss ideas. The last conversation, Nov 5, event will be to prioritize the ideas into actionable plans.

    Folks had the opportunity to respond in writing to several prompts, photos, maps, oral histories and news articles during the Open House. These are compiled in this google doc

    Also, if you follow this link, you can participate by adding your opinions and comments to the ENA Conversation Survey Once you’ve completed the Survey and submitted it, you can see the compiled results of all who have taken the Survey.


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