Fall Community Conversations

Open House Welcome! © Sean O'Connor / Our United Villages
Open House Welcome! © Sean O’Connor / Our United Villages

In October 2014 Eliot Neighborhood Association reached out to everyone living or working in the neighborhood for three Community Conversations around the past, present and future of Eliot neighborhood. For the first Conversation on October 8th an array of photos, maps, and open ended questions were set up at the St Philip the Deacon Church on 120 NE Knott St. Folks had a great time meeting neighbors, chatting and discussing the neighborhood.

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Successful Eliot Open House!

Community Conversations Open House. © Sean O’Connor / Our United Villages

Wednesday October 8th neighbors from all corners of Eliot gathered, socialized, and shared their thoughts and stories about our awesome neighborhood. Thank you to all who came out – it was great seeing you and getting to know you. A big hearted thank you as well to all our local patrons and artists who donated food and gifts for the raffle.

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