Board Meeting Minutes 9-15-2014

Meeting begins at 6:30 with introductions

Minutes from August meeting read and passed


  • Angela sent out the Blazer Agreement.
  • Stuart Malkin reminds folks about the LUTC meeting on September 16th. One of the agenda items will be to discuss the redesign for the building on Russell and 7th.  The developer will be present.
  • Chipotle Night Partnership for the Al Forthan Scholarship raised more than $1,000.  Thank you to everyone for supporting the scholarship!
  • Pamela Weatherspoon Reed shares about two Legacy Emanuel events coming up. 1) Healthy Living Celebration on September 27th from 11:00am-2:00pm. 2) Teen Heart Screening @ the Adidas Campus on October 4th 8:30am-2:00pm.
  • Speed bumps and signage have been created for Rodney Bikeway.
  • Albina Co-Op Garden will be locked in the future because of safety concerns.
  • Alan Sanchez will be stepping down from Eliot Board Chair for the next term.
  • Katie Hughes will be stepping down from the board.
  • Next month is the General Membership Meeting.  Anyone who owns property or a business within Eliot has the ability/freedom to vote at this meeting.  Bring a friend!
  • Annie Rudwick states that it would be nice if we had an officer there who is familiar with the neighborhood be present at the General Membership Meeting in case people had questions.

Treasure’s Report with Annie Rudwick

  • $9,932 in the fund right now
  •  Approval for up to $1,000 for CLP
  • Approval for up to $1,400 for sign caps
  • Money coming in from Widmer’s Octoberfest

Articles for the upcoming Newsletter are due now!

NECN with Joan Ivan

  • Resignation of Executive Director Shoshana Cohen
  • Katy Asher will be the interim Executive Director while the coalition looks at the role of the Executive Director and what they can do to better support that person.

Boise-Eliot-Humoldt School Choir will hopefully attend October’s General Membership Meeting to sing for us.

Stuart Malkin proposes we give a $500 donation to the school with the donation hopefully being earmarked for music and art programs.

Jere Fitterman is our Boise-Eliot-Humboldt School Liasion.  She will contact them to ask.

Motion passes with all in favor

Measure 90 with Katie–Coalition to Protect our Vote

  • She would like us to vote no on Measure 90
  • If it passes: only the top two votes from the May Primary will move on to have their names on the November ballot.
  • We want to open up our choices during the November election, when people are actually paying attention, not limit them.
  • There would be no “write in” section if Measure 90 passes.
  • If during the primary someone received 51% of the vote it would not even be included in the General Election.

Beauty Committee with Angela Kremer

  • Over two months of working with six other volunteers who are trying to determine what Eliot wants and needs to do with the Blazer money.
  • 1,800 homes within Eliot who need a door hanger letting them know about the upcoming neighborhood meetings.  Angela would love a total of 12 volunteers on board to help with canvassing the neighborhood.  She has the neighborhood mapped out in good allotments.
  • Meetings are scheduled for October 8th, October 22nd, and November 5th from 6:30pm-8:30pm at St. Phillip Deacon Episcopal Church.

Angela Kremer moves that we reserve up to $500.00 of the communication funds for door hangers and follow up surveys.

All in favor, none opposed

Meeting adjourned