LUTC Meeting Agenda 2014-10-20

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Agenda
October 20, 2014 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Emanuel Hospital, Room 1027

6:30 Call to order and introductions

6: 40 Emanuel IMP Annual Review

7:00 Lot subdivision request for one vacant and two SF home lots at 623 and 633 NE Thompson

7:20 Lot subdivision request for vacant T-lot behind 54 and 62 NE Graham

7:30 Lot subdivision request for vacant lot to the WEST of 26 NE Cook

7:40 Demolition application for 32 and 100 N Cook (south of the New Seasons block)

7:50 Update on Morris Street Townhome design?

8:00 Other updates: From the Chair (Emanuel sign, status of MU zones, Taco Bell and reaction to the Chair’s comments, status of the proposed “institutional” zones, etc.), from others.