General Membership Meeting Minutes 2014-10-13

6:35 Meeting Begins


  • Free flu shots for everyone 7:00am –11:00am on Veterans Day at Legacy Emanuel Hospital.
  • Jim Hlava spoke about the Eliot Open House.  Really great time, about 65 people attended and it was a get to know you meeting.
  • Christopher’s Grill will become a community resource center. Visit this website to donate and find out more!

Comp Plan Discussion—-Nan Stark

  • Nan is the NE District Liaison for the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
  • She has been working with Eliot LUTC regarding our request forzoning changes.
  • City wide they are not making many changes.  Most of the future Portland growth (100,000+ people) which is being anticipated for will be housed on one of the major corridors. Close to 75% of the growth will occur along Division and Williams Streets.
  • Eliot LUTC has requested to downgrade our zoning to R-2.5.  Presently we are at R-2.
  • Knowing that the Eliot LUTC does not represent the entire neighborhood please share your feedback with the Planning and Sustainability Commission by email:, by letter: 1900 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201, or in person: at a public hearing which will run through November 4th, quite possibly longer, at various locations throughout the city.
  • Most of the neighborhoods in Portland have a R-5 zoning designation, which is an even lower density designation.

Officer on Duty—John Sapper

  • Always report crime.  Officers might not show up depending on the priority and everything else going on, but if there is property stolen you never know what the outcome will be.
  • Do not keep anything that “looks” valuable in your car.  You might know that bag in your car is just trash, but someone who needs money does not know that.

Minutes are read and approved

NECN Update—Joan Ivan

  • Oregon Public House has picked NECN as the nonprofit they are supporting during this month’s giving.  Go there to eat and drink.  It is located on Dekum Street close to the triangle.
  • Katy Asher is presently the Interim Director of NECN while they figure out and maybe re-define the role of the director.
  • Paul Van Orden would like to be the second Eliot representative to NECN

LUTC Update—Paul Van Orden

  • Paul spoke about the need to hold big developers to the same standards that the average home owner is held to.

Eliot Newspaper—Allan Rudwick

  • Allan will no longer be the newspaper editor
  • We need a volunteer to help format and organize the paper.  Allan would be happy to help you through the process the first time.  Next paper will come out in January.
  • To the rest of us….the paper needs content.  We love having the paper.  People want to read about the neighborhood not just view ads of businesses within the neighborhood. Get to writing.  Write about what is important to you!

Eliot Board Nominations

  • Alan Sanchez
  • Pamela Weatherspoon
  • Angela Kremer
  • Jim Hlava
  • Rose St. John
  • Jeri Stein
  • Joe Entler
  • Joan Ivan
  • Kristin Yates
  • Annie Rudwick
  • Allan Rudwick
  • Clint Lundmark
  • Pat Montgomery

We can add up to 20 members and they can be brought onto the board at any time throughout the year.

Allan Rudwick moves that the new 2015 Eliot Board is elected

Jim Hlava seconds

All in favor, none opposed

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm