Community Crossing Painting

Community Crossing 2014
Volunteers during the Street Repainting at Tillamook and Rodney

This past June, neighbors gathered at the Eliot Community Crossing, the intersection located at NE Tillamook Street and Rodney Avenue, bringing last year’s installed pavement art back to life. The entire repainting process, which took a whopping twelve hours to complete, was a culmination of countless hours by many committed neighborhood volunteers and months of planning.

It’s completion serves as validation of the growth and interconnectedness that continues to grow here in Eliot. The aspects of the current design are a mirror of our diverse qualities coming together in community. The art itself serves as a unique Eliot way of adding a bit of sunshine to all who cross through our little part of Portland, saying, “Welcome to Eliot neighborhood, thank you for passing through.”

A project of this scope could only be successful with the hands, hearts, and generosity of so many. Gratitude is abundant to the following committed volunteers:

  • The neighbors who formed the core team. Stepping in, owning critical pieces, running around town picking up supplies, obtaining signatures, attending meetings, distributing flyers, storing supplies, making calls for donations, and advocating for the project. Ultimately donating hours of their time and resources to keep this vital landmark alive.
  • The new friends and curious neighbors that ventured out, providing food, beverages, supplies, smiles, endless elbow grease, and mostly a deepened sense of community and camaraderie.
  • Duane Miller, the man of sound with his eyes and ears to the pulse of the group, keeping us motivated and grooving, donating yet another entire day of his valuable time with a constant smile on his face.
  • Olivia Awbrey, singer songwriter who performed and shared her acoustic sound, capturing the essence of the moment perfectly.
  • Nancy Zimmermann and Angela Kremer, co-founders and project coordinators from last year’s installation, giving Eliot neighborhood something significant to be proud of and a reason to come together year after year.

And to our generous sponsors:

  • The Eliot Neighborhood Association for the continued funding, publication and support of this community project and commitment to neighborhood beautification.
  • City Repair and the Village Building Convergence (VBC) for their overarching umbrella support and passion for community minded projects throughout Portland. We’re grateful to those VBC coordinators who showed up, rolled up their sleeves and jumped into the work.
  • Bridges Cafe for the delicious and beautifully catered lunch.
  • Gold Rush Coffee Bar for coffee and pastries for the early birds.

Additionally, the documentary film students from University of Oregon documenting the repainting project in their “Building Community” documentary as featured on the OPB website.

The vibrant image on the pavement will wear over the upcoming year as bikes, cars, and surely other uniquely Portlandia modes of transportation cross through Eliot, but the lasting memory and the relationships we formed will be timeless.

Looking to next year. If you would like to be involved, know neighbors who are artists and would be interested in the potential re-design and painting process send an email to

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