LUTC Minutes 2014-10-20

Eliot LUTC meeting minutes 10-20-14

Meeting called to order 6.35

Committee members present: Mike Warwick (Chair),  Alise Munson, Clint Lundmark, Allan Rudwick, Mike Faden, Phil Conti, Paul Van Orden, Laurie Simpson

Others: Pamela Weatherspoon and consultant Thomasina Gabriele, Legacy Emanuel

Ted Buehler, chair, Boise neighborhood association

Sara Long, Eliot resident

Three other Eliot neighbors

Guy Bryant, developer

Susan Stringer and neighbor, residents, re 7th/Russell project

Update on Emanuel Impact Mitigation Plan

  • Plan identifies 6 phases of development, including mitigation required before each stage.
  • Next phase due to be up in 2015.
  • Update: new operating room on Kerby, on property recently acquired from City. Legacy will discuss specific development plans at later meeting. Will probably ask for height adjustment — current is 75 feet (allowed in zone), will probably ask for 10 feet higher. May also ask for adjustment to use all of site (no setback). Burn center will also move to this site; there will be an ICU
  • Committee/attendee questions and comments:
    • Parking? Legacy: Expects that parking will be an issue within the next couple of years. Notes that NW campuses are transitioning to paid parking/gated lots.
    • Ted Buehler — what is point of contact for transportation questions? Thomasina Gabriele —
    • Question re proposed large Randall Children’s Hospital sign. Legacy has proposed big sign on side of Randall that can be seen from Fremont Bridge. City staff rejected, Legacy appealed, goes to design review commission for review. Public meeting Nov 6
    • Allan Rudwick comments: Feel like the document doesn’t capture spirit of what is happening; expansion is away from neighborhood. Believe Legacy should give up empty lots between Williams and Vancouver or develop over there.
    • Legacy (Pamela Weatherspoon) Feelings of CEO and COO is that there will be need for those lots and would not be wise to give them up. Dan Salzman is interested in talking about those areas because interested in low income housing. Legacy is fundraising for family house next to Ronald McDonald house

Proposed partition and development at 623 & 633 NE Thompson (corner of 7th Ave)  

  • Mike Warwick general comments gentrification: partition typically results in 2 or more properties that are not affordable for many current residents of the neighborhood
  • Developer Guy Bryant (GB)
  • Currently 2 houses on 3 50×125 lots
  • Proposal to divide into 8 lots for attached houses, each with garage. Property selected because zoned multifamily
  • Committee/resident comments/questions:
    • Lots are just outside “historic” conservation boundary
    • What is design? Answer: GB wants to keep 2 stories, single family, for-sale attached houses. Keep residential rhythm of front porches, street frontage — possibility something modern
    • GB says city’s minimum density is 8 units
    • Clint Lundmark: suggest skinny houses. GB: would have to be so skinny that not aesthetically appealing
    • Sara Long (current tenant) presents alternative. In 28 feet space between the existing 2 properties — could put one skinny house. Plus two other houses, plus basement ADUs, total 5 houses and 5 ADUs on site. Second alternative: condo development, max 13 units.
      • GB response: Doesn’t seem like this would creating unified composition. Create significant parking issue. Not convinced that houses are worth saving due to construction quality and condition. Not willing to pursue those options
    • Motion to write letter opposing partition because of demolition of historic houses. Passed with no dissenting votes.
    • GB notes that that when the city senses opposition it can become more difficult to deal with

Lot subdivision behind 54 and 62 NE Graham. T shaped easement behind existing houses to create new lot for development. No committee action.

Lot subdivision request for vacant lot to the WEST of 26 NE Cook. No action.

Demolition application for 32 and 100 N Cook (south of the New Seasons block).

  • Comments:
    • Ted Buehler — could request that they get bid from rebuilding center
    • Mike Warwick: We can ask for 120 day demolition delay. Motion to request 120 day demolition. Passed with no dissenting votes.

Mike Warwick: update re status of MU zones

  • Based on current draft, all commercial and employment zones will be rolled into one of 32 MU zones that in theory are tied to context of street — eg wider streets will have greater height limit
  • Will be height step-backs from residential zones

7th and Russell project update (Susan Stringer).

  • Resident group said would accept 5 story building if 5th floor is set back and various other conditions met including crosswalk across 7th at brazee; underground parking; property management on site; design with neighborhood aesthetic
  • Developer said would reply within two weeks

Meeting adjourned 8.35pm