Beautification Meeting

Keep the Neighborhood Clean!

On April 7th a few neighbors got together to discuss ways we could help make Eliot a more attractive place.  Some great ideas were bandied about, and we’d love additional input as we think of ways to get as many neighbors involved with keeping our neighborhood clean. Our second meeting is scheduled for May 6th at 7:30 at 2308 NE Rodney Ave.

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Community Crossing Painting

Community Crossing 2014
Volunteers during the Street Repainting at Tillamook and Rodney

This past June, neighbors gathered at the Eliot Community Crossing, the intersection located at NE Tillamook Street and Rodney Avenue, bringing last year’s installed pavement art back to life. The entire repainting process, which took a whopping twelve hours to complete, was a culmination of countless hours by many committed neighborhood volunteers and months of planning.

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Repainting Eliot Community Crossing

Street Painting
Street Painting

This year, Eliot Neighbors will once again be participating in Portland’s “Village Building Convergence” by means of repainting last year’s installation at the intersection of NE Rodney Avenue & NE Tillamook Street (Eliot Community Crossing). Everyone is invited to join us and pitch in!

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Keep the Neighborhood Clean

Keep the Neighborhood Clean!

In April or May, Eliot Neighborhood hosts the annual “Spring Cleanup”. It’s an event where residents bring junk and other trash-worthy stuff to a central location and drop it off for a small fee. The idea is to make it easier for residents to clean up around their house and property. It is effective at helping people keep their part of the neighborhood clean, but it doesn’t really clean up the neighborhood. You can help by making cleanup a part of your daily routine.

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2014 Neighborhood Cleanup

Eliot Cleanup Flyer 2014Eliot’s annual Spring Clean-Up will be held Sunday, April 27th between 11 am – 3 pm on N. Graham between N. Williams and N. Vancouver. It’s time to clear out the clutter from your closets, rooms, basement, yard and garage. Bring your unused and unusable junk of all sizes and shapes. Clean out your surplus metal, furniture, clothes and more. Fees range from $5 and up. No yard debris, construction debris, raw garbage or hazardous materials can be accepted.

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Beauty Committee Call for Projects

By Kayla Mullis

Last Spring the Eliot Neighborhood Beauty Committee planted new trees in vacant parking strips near NE Hancock and Rodney.

The Eliot Neighborhood Beauty Committee is part of a partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers to improve the livability of Eliot and mitigate the negative impacts of Moda Center events. We are currently looking for small, meaningful projects that will help improve the physical landscape or personal community in the neighborhood. A small amount of grant funds are available for this work.

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Street Sign Caps and More Trees

Sign Caps
Sign Caps from around Portland

The Beauty and Livability Committee was formed in 2012 to implement the Neighborhood Livability Partnership. This one-of-a-kind Partnership between the Lloyd Community Association, Eliot neighborhood, and the Portland Arena Management (Trail Blazers) is a unique opportunity for political support, collaboration and physical investments. The focus of improvement is the area between Weidler and Russell from south to north and between NE 7th to the river, an area plagued by sports-related traffic and parking issues. In April of 2013, the Eliot Board of Directors voted to accept funding from the Neighborhood Livability Partnership for two projects. The Board approved the funds for planting 14 street trees and the Intersection Repair, a painting on Tillamook and Rodney Avenue, completed by over 50 volunteers who designed and completed the project in June 2013. Unused funding from 2013 will roll forward since the funding from the Trail Blazers offers three-consecutive years at $5,000 per year for improvements. The Beauty team is hoping that they will be able to partner with landowners for matching funds to implement larger projects.

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Street Painting a Huge Success!

By Nancy Zimmermann Chung

Street Painting June 1 2013
Street Painting June 1 2013

On the June 1st, dozens of neighbors gathered at NE Rodney and NE Tillamook to create Eliot’s first intersection painting. The twelve-hour effort, running from six o’clock in the morning to six o’clock in the afternoon, was the culmination of months of designing, signature gathering, and other planning efforts. This month, we finally put paint to pavement, transferring our vibrant graphic to the street. We hope that it brightens the path for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the year!

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