Board Meeting Minutes 2014-11-10

6:30 Welcome and Introduction of Attendees

Minutes read and approved

NECN Update—Joan Ivan

Joan spoke about the restructuring of NECN.  They are the representative of so many people in so many different neighborhoods who want very different things and deciding what they want to accomplish is important.  Meetings have become more divisive than healthy lately, especially with all the major the changes the NECN neighborhoods are experiencing.

Joe Entler moves that Paul Van Orden is our second Eliot Representative to NECN (Joan Ivan is the other and we are permitted two).

Joan Ivan seconds

All in Favor—motion passes unanimously

Emanuel Hospital Thank You—-Clint Lundmark

Emanuel Hospital donated money to create the new water feature within Dawson Park. The renewal of this park has been incredible and has given the neighborhood a wonderful green-space and gathering place.  Clint has written a letter to Emanuel Hospital to thank them for their gift.

Alan Sanchez moves that we send the letter to Emanuel

Jim Hlava seconds

All in favor—motion passes unanimously

Allan Rudwick moves that the remaining $500 from the NECN communication funds be used for the Eliot Newspaper.

Clint seconds

All in favor—motion passes unanimously

Treasure’s Report—Annie Rudwick

  • We have $8,565 in the Eliot Acount
  • Major expenditures include our gift to Loaves and Fishes, Oregon Taxes and Newspaper printing.

Eliot Newspaper—Allan Rudwick

We need a new team (or person) to to take this on.  Allan has stepped down and there will be no newspaper unless someone takes this challenge on.

LUTC—Allan Rudwick and Clint Lundmark

  • A developer wants to tear down two historic homes located at 7th and Thompson to build two new buildings which would each hold four condos.  One resident has really taken this project on to stop the demolition.  The LUTC is siding with the resident at this time by opposing the developers request to sub-divide the property.
  • Every year Emanuel Hospital updates us about new building plans. This year they requested to place a sign on the Children’s Hospital Exterior. We opposed that ask. They will be building a new surgical building on Kirby.
  • We will hopefully vote the new LUTC committee in next meeting

PPS Update with Kimm Fox-Middleton

With this Bond Measure Roosevelt, Franklin and Grant will be modernized and Faubion will be completely replaced. Next year Faubion students will be moved to Harriet Tubman. There is a Schematic Design Open House on Friday, December 12th from 5:00 — 7:00 pm in the Faubion cafeteria.  Please join them to hear the latest and to give your opinions to the design team.  Concordia University has been a neighbor to Faubion for 63 years and they have been in partnership with them by having student teachers there and helping with various projects.  The bond money will pay for 27.5 million and the Concordia will pay for anywhere from 7.5 million to 15 million for this project.  Concordia’s contribution will support its College of Education to be co-located on site as well additional services for Faubion, including the proposed early childhood education center and a health and wellness center.

Our one concern is that we know Pioneer School was going to be located at Harriet Tubman this year and as far as we knew into the future and it worries us that these students will be moved again.

Officer Nominations

  • Chair: Angela Kremer
  • Vice Chair: No one
  • Recorder: Kristin Yates
  • Treasurer: Annie Rudwick
  • Newspaper Editor:  None

Joe Entler moves to elect this board for the 2015 year

All in favor—motion passes unanimously

Meeting Adjourned

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  1. i recall seconding the nomination for Paul: Jim Hlava was seated next to me, so maybe the confusion in acknowledging who was the second.


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