LUTC minutes 2014-11-17

Minutes of Eliot Neighborhood Association Land Use and Transportation Committee 2014-11-17

Committee members present: Mike Warwick (chair), Clint Lundmark, Mike Faden, Allan Rudwick, Paul Van Orden, Phil Conti

Others: Alise Munson, Sara Long

Meeting called to order at 6.35pm

  • Discussion about letter in support of United Neighborhoods demolition proposal. Motion to write letter in support expressing the reservation that it is not perfect.Passed with no dissenters.
  • Discussion of city’s draft 2035 comprehensive plan update. Paul Van Orden
    attended the recent meeting but had time to present only his personal concerns. Mike Warwick notes ~20% of property in city was rezoned; much of that rezoning was from C or Ex to MU zones. Plan could be adopted in 2 years but zoning may not be final at that point.
    • Motion to write letter to city commenting on the draft, including the following points:
      • Adopt changes in draft as is.
      • Stress need for historic preservation of the neighborhood, not just individual buildings
      • Rx zoning should not be used outside central city
      • Rh zones should be incorporated into MU zoning, or if Rh remains the same setbacks and stepdowns should be applied as in MU zones
    • Passed with no dissenters
  • Discussion of support of NE Broadway/Weidler alliance MOU; motion that Eliot should sign on in support. Passed.
  • Sara Long presents information suggesting that the city of Albina was the first town site established north of California and west of the Rocky Mountains. She says this may make the neighborhood more eligible for national historic district designation.
  • Sara Long requests that the LUTC provide support for an appeal to LUBA against the lot partition application for the development at 623 & 633 NE Thompson St; Sara to send LUTC the letter that she wrote describing problems with the partition application; committee to evaluate.
  • Discussion of LUTC roster for 2015. Members: Mike Warwick (chair), Phil Conti, Allan Rudwick, Alise Munson, Laurie Simpson, Paul Van Orden, Clint Lundmark, Sara Long, Mike Faden. Motion to recommend roster to ENA board; passed with no dissenters
  • Meeting ends 8.30pm