Micro Apartments to Replace House

3116 N Vancouver will soon be demolished.
3116 N Vancouver will soon be demolished.

As required by the Portland Zoning Code,  Architect Rich Brooks, CIDA and developer Ben McInnis, BENCO initiated contact with the Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee and presented their plans to build a 5-story micro unit apartment building at 3116 N. Vancouver Ave.  The building with a footprint of 36’x44’ will have eighteen 250 sq ft micro apartments expected to rent at between $866 – $898/ unit.

To make room for the new apartment building an existing 1910  Portland Four Square residential house will be demolished.  No parking will be offered on site.  Limited secure bike storage of one hook /unit will be provided on the first floor.

The current RX (high density residential) zoning allows this type of development which inserts a 5 story building between two residential houses (one used by Vancouver Baptist Church).  Because the role of the committee is only advisory comments focused on suggestions for bike storage and construction materials.  There were general concerns about the impact of this project on the surrounding residential homes.

Vancouver Micro Apartments West Elevation
Vancouver Micro Apartments West Elevation

6 thoughts on “Micro Apartments to Replace House

  1. And if any of you think for one minute that Ben McInnis , or Ben Kaiser with his sidekick Erin Rothrock, realtor extraordinaire, who have been playing monopoly in Elliot for well over a decade, are going to come in here and respond to these comments, think again. They don’t give a rat’s puttutti about how their well laid plans affect life in Elliot.

  2. To you Noah, I wonder how much larger this will make Ben McInnis’ carbon footprint? Maybe he’ll buy an all electric Ferrari and put it in his five car garage.

  3. It’s really unfortunate to see a perfectly good house demolished so more people can be crammed into a tiny space – and in this case, very tiny spaces. It is extremely unlikely all 18 units will be occupied by people without a car – even if they all normally commute by bike. Where will they park their car? Where will visitors park? It seems this is just making the neighborhood crowded and improving nothing. Sad to see another great old Portland home disappear and end up in the landfill.

  4. Great to see more high-density housing in the area, thanks for creating housing with a a smaller carbon footprint.

  5. Hey Ben, Why don’t you restore the four square at 3116 N. Vancouver and put it on the market. I’m sure it will still be worth your while, and also be sensitive to the Elliott neighborhood. Oh yeah, you don’t live in this neighborhood, and you have somehow convinced yourself that a 250 sq. ft. living space at over $850.00 per month is affordable housing! I have a better idea. Take your plans, investment dollars, and crappy values and you know what!

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