Board Meeting Minutes 2015-03-16

Meeting begins at 6:40pm

Minutes are read and approved with no corrections

No police were present but a shooting on Cook and Rodney was mentioned in which the man died after being driven to Legacy Emanuel by friends.  Read article here.

Crime seems to be spiking earlier because of the warm weather we have been having.

Jere Fitterman contacted ONI and they would like to help Eliot by doing some education about Neighborhood Watch.  We talked about scheduling it on a weekend date and also a weekday night in hopes of more people showing up. Here is a flyer that ONI distributes about establishing Neighborhood Watch within your neighborhood.  The dates suggested were May 2nd, 4th or 7th.

LUTC–Clint Lundmark

  • Cook St. Apartments by New Seasons will have a set of murals on the outside of the building.  LUTC was impressed by the design of the murals.
  • Jim Hlava (Board Member) presented on behalf Cascadia Garlington Center.  They are hoping to be awarded a grant that will help them build a new multi-level office with residential apartments on the upper levels.  Approximately 50 people will live there.  Demolition and ground breaking would occur next year if they receive the award.
  • Port City Development might have new business establishing itself there. It would rent movie equipment.
  • Andrine and Howard (guests) mention a new development near the Fremont off-ramp. 12 row-houses will be going in there.  They are encouraged to attend the next LUTC meeting to hear more about the development.
  • Johnny Engleheart states that having green-space is really important to him.  He encourages development within reason but enjoys and wants the LUTC to consider being pro green spaces as well.

Sandwich Board Discussion—Jeri Stein and Kristin Yates

  • Jeri noticed a Boise Neighborhood Association sign outside of Cha Cha Cha a couple months back and really liked that idea.  It was a sandwich board shape with white board surfaces on both sides so new messages could be written as needed.  Both Jeri and Kristin think it would be a great way to spread the word about Eliot events without people having to seek information out.
  • Kristin talked with Boise about these signs and learned they purchased four signs at $200/sign.  They also bought yard signs that have the same white surface that you can write on and erase for $20/sign.
  • We discussed the price of the the long lasting a-frame signs and thought that sounded a bit expensive.  Jere F mentioned that we ask someone on Nextdoor Eliot about making them for much cheaper.  We also thought that maybe just the yard signs would be sufficient and maybe looking into magnets.  It seems like we need something long-term that will remind people of the meetings.
  • Kristin will look into costs for magnets
  • Jeri S will create a flyer that we can put on the Eliot Blog that you can print off to handout to neighbors.
  • Kristin will post to Nextdoor Eliot looking for someone who might make the signs instead for a lower cost.
  • Annie Rudwick suggests that we put a posting in church bulletins letting them know when the meetings are.

Neighborhood Cleanup–Sue Stringer

  • Sue is taking on the neighborhood cleanup—Hooray!
  • The date is set for May 17th 11am–3pm
  • MRC guys will come out for it.
  • Sue would also like board members to be there helping out.
  • Mike Warwick helps out by driving his truck around every year and picking up items from folks who need help.
  • Discussion about joining forces with the smaller item neighborhood cleanup that Shirley and Jim Bogan have been trying to get off the ground.  Please show up with the stuff you would like to get rid of and stay for an hour or two help or walk around the neighborhood picking up trash. Shirley would like someone else to take lead in this project if it is going to occur.
  • Let’s make this one the best Neighborhood Cleanups ever with lots of folks showing up and helping out.

Dawson Park

  • Bathrooms are locked for the majority of the year and neighbors have frequently seen people using nearby areas instead.
  • When the bathrooms are open they are not being cleaned very well and it is not very sanitary
  •  Lights are out in the park
  • Leash law signs need to go up
  • This park is amazing.  It gets lots of use and we need to make sure that such a beautiful space gets looked after.
  • Pat Montgomery says she will call parks and rec about these concerns.

Jeri S moves that we nominate Becca Pollard as a board member

  • All in favor none opposed
  • Welcome Becca!

Intersection Painting

  • Jeri Stein is in charge of the upcoming intersection painting
  • The first open house meeting will be on 4-11-15—Potluck!
  • Project Core Team Meetings will happen every 1.5 weeks on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons with the first one happening on Monday 3-23-15 from 5:30-6:60.
  • Block Party Painting dates are:
  • 5-29 Huddle and Prep 6p-9p
  • 5-30 Paint Party! 6a-10p–DJ, Food, Kids Activities and Live Music!
  • 5-31 Touch Up Day
  • Email for more info
  • Join the facebook group

Jeri moves that Eliot Neighborhood Association fund the repaint for intersection painting this year

  • Discussion about it becoming self-sufficient through business donors
  • All in favor—none opposed

Becca Pollard wants to organize a National Night Out on the first Tuesday in August at Dawson Park.

  • The apartments across the street already have one going on so maybe we could join efforts with them?
  • National Night Out With Becca will be placed on the agenda for next month so we can further discuss the event
  • Becca states that a recorded National Night Out has not occurred since 2010 in Eliot

Meeting is adjourned at 8:30