LUTC Meeting Minutes 2015-03-09

Minutes of Eliot Neighborhood Association Land Use and Transportation Committee 2015-03-09

DRAFT- not yet approved

Committee members present: Allan Rudwick (chair), Mike Warwick (vice chair), Clint Lundmark, Paul Van Orden, Phil Conti, Laurie Simpson, Alise Munson (recorder)

Others: Rich Brooks, Cida Architecture;

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Minutes

March 9, 2015 6:30 pm
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
120 NE Knott Street

6:30p.m. – meeting started

Mural discussion – Cook St Apartments – south of New Seasons (Newton Breiter)
The developers of the Cook St Apartments showed off art that was like a kalidoscope but the inputs were based on historic buildings in the neighborhood. They were generally liked by the audience, but some contextual description was recommended. There will be 3 large grafiti-resistant murals on the inside of the horseshoe shaped building’s first floor.

Cascadia Garlington Center Redevelopment – (East side of MLK between Monroe and Morris St) (Jim Hlava and Mary Bradshaw)
Jim and Mary described that they are bidding for a grant that they have about a 25% shot of winning to build affordable housing and a big L shaped building on their property on the east side of MLK between Monroe and Morris St. They would provide some housing for veterans, and the building was generally targetting 60% of the Median Family Income – similar to the brick building on MLK north of their site. They would also provide ground floor dental and other active uses of the space, as well as a public courtyard on the back of the property – Morris St Side. The LUTC was supportive of their proposals. The timeline would be to break ground in 2016 and they will be back after they know if they get the grant. If not they will reapply for the following year.

Discussion of Port City site- County reserved for affordable housing
Prospective buyers (Todd A. DeNeffe and Michael Koerner) for the Port City came and described their desire to run a business on the site and use the existing buildings. They generally had the LUTC committee’s support and we gave them a copy of a letter we sent to the county previously describing our desire to keep the buildings in tact to Todd and Michael.

Discussion of Mike Warwick’s property zoning on NE Stanton
LUTC discussed proposed zoning of Mike’s property and decided that it should keep its old zoning. Motion to send letter to the City supporting this was approved.

Development Guidelines
The ENA leadership asked the LUTC to discuss creating neighborhood guidelines to set standards for developers proposing to develop more building. The suggestion is to encourage development on vacant land and to stop demolishing older homes. Laurie Simpson, Sara Long, Montserrat Arribillaga, and Phil Conti have been involved. Initial steps: discussing format and starting point for the guidelines

Comp Plan – Transportation Edition (Allan)
Allan urged members of the LUTC to comment individually as there was no major source of comment needed at this time.
– MLK transit & signal improvements
– Bike share
– Interstate/Larrabee ramp removal
– Broadway Revitalization
– I-5 Broadway Widening

Neighborhood Centers Map from Comp plan  
Fremont/Williams Center will is targetted to add 3100 people between 2010 and 2035. “Center” is actually corridors of Mississippi, Williams and MLK, with connection along Russell/Knott streets, Fremont Street.

Meeting ends 8.40 pm