Know your board: Allan Rudwick

“Know your board” is a series of articles to help you get to know the members of your Eliot Neighborhood Association Board.

Allan Rudwick
Allan Rudwick

Allan Rudwick has lived in Eliot for the last 7 of  his 8 years living in Portland. He spends his days working for a tech company on the Westside and likes that Eliot has such easy access to the I-405 freeway. Also convenient are the Matt Dishman Community Center, the newly renovated Dawson Park and Irving Park.

Allan joined the board to try to improve the traffic around N Vancouver and N Cook Streets but also wanted to see what was going on in his neighborhood.  As a vision for the future, he would love to see the empty lots on Emanuel Hospital’s property and the vacant lots along MLK get developed. Rudwick thinks it is depressing walking past empty property when the rest of the land is so valuable.

In his spare time he likes to play ultimate Frisbee and is always up for playing a board game.

After 5 years on the board including 2 as chair and 2 as newsletter editor, Allan recently resigned from the board so he could focus on his role of Land Use and Transportation Committee chair.