Board Meeting Agenda 2015-06-15

Eliot Neighborhood Board Meeting Agenda
Monday June 15, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
St Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
120 NE Knott Street

Angela Kremer, Chair, facilitator

1. Welcome and Introduction (6:30-6:40)

Pair and Share Question: Affordable Housing: What would it take to create change on this issue?

2. Minutes Read and Approved (6:40)

3. Police and Crime Abatement (6:45)

4. Land Use Report (6:55-7:00)

5. Faubion Replacement Team: Portland Public School on Faubion school relocation into Harriet Tubman School in Eliot for next 2 years
Kimm Fox-Middleton, PPS and Faubion Principal

6. Communications for Eliot—New Committee Forming (7:15)

7. Retreat and Bylaws Discussion (7:30)

Issue to Discuss: Board Absences, Officers and Nominations for Fall
Action: Create a Nominations and Outreach effort
Who should we invite to be part of Eliot Board?

Action: Create a ByLaws Committee for Fall on Communications, Mission, and changes recommended by Nominations

8. Appreciations: Thank you Jeri and Team RePaint Project and New Board members; Thank you Clint for steadfast webmaster work; thank News team for modeling collaboration and Clean Up Team for excellent fundraiser!

9. Announcements and Comments (8:10 PM)

Adjourned estimate 8:30 PM