Board Meeting Minutes 2015-05-18


6:30 Welcome and opening question

How do we recruit board members?

  • Get kids volunteering—get them interested and feeling ownership for their neighborhood.
  • Representing—being present at ongoing neighborhood events.
  • Dawson Park Apartments is a great place to start.  Many of the people who live there have lived in the neighborhood a long time.

May’s Minutes Read and Approved

Crime Report and Abatement with Jere Fitterman

  • Jere used the door hangers from the community conversations to invite people to the Neighborhood Watch Meetings.  Exchange phone numbers with your neighbors just in case something of concern comes up. A few folks showed up.  Crime goes up in the summer but so does the ability to walk around and get to know your neighbors better.  Take advantage of the long evenings to take walks and visit.

Meals on Wheels with David Lomax

  • MoW serves 80 seniors in the their dining room and they deliver over 280 hot meals to seniors who are housebound.
  • 15 routes that take about 2 hours to accomplish
  • This year is their 10th anniversary of Summer in September and when they moved this event to Dawson Park it really took off.  They had over 2000 people attend last year!
  • David is here asking for sponsorship for this event.
  • Sue Stringer suggests that not only write about the event but also the history of the organization and why people should come out to support it.
  • Joan Ivan moves that we renew our sponsorship and also give them our free park day that we get from parks and rec for Dawson.
  • After discussion about whether we will use our free park day for national night out it is decided to move forward with the motion.
  • Pat Montgomery seconds
  • All in favor—none opposed

Communications with Jeri Stein and Kristin Yates

We would love to have more people involved in Eliot meetings and decisions and so we have talked about creating better signage in hope that people know where/ when the meeting is.

We have decided on an a-frame board that we can place out front of Eliot businesses and either Annie or Kristin will purchase those signs.

With the rest of the communications money we will purchase some sign covers for the metal  yard stick signs we have.  Sue and Kristin will ask Maggie to help design this and once we have the okay we will get them made.

Cleanup with Sue Stringer

  • The cleanup was a huge success.  60 families came through to drop off unwanted stuff.
  • Raised $857 and we are still waiting for the $100 from scrap metal and Sue is trying to sell off books to Powell Book Store.
  • We recycled lots of electronics, gave items away to Habitat for Humanity and five bikes to Community Cycling Center.
  • Next year vests or T-shirts for those involved and better signs.
  • Sue brings up the idea again of the Clean Eliot Project.  If you joined you would be committing to keep the area around your house clean and you would get a little garden/yard maker that has the Clean Eliot Project logo on it.

Intersection Repair and Repaint with Jeri Stein

  • Pine State Biscuits & Hankins Hardware are helping to sponsor it!
  • Jeri still needs someone power wash the area the night before.
  • Also if you have any ideas to help keep the kids participating please share.
  • Post your pictures to facebook and like the ones that Becca has already posted so it continues to circulate.

Summer Activities

Juneteenth—June 20th

Good in the Hood–June 26th–28th

Parade People Come one come all! if you have a drill team, marching band or a community group and you would like to participate in the 2015 Good in the Hood Parade please, print your application and send payment to 4815 NE 7th Ave Portland, OR 97211. If you have any question please contact the parade team via email at  Parade lineup starts at 11am.

Spaghetti Dinner at St. Phillip the Deacon Church with an 18 piece orchestra. Contact Pat Montgomery for more info

Dawson Park Concerts will be starting July!

Eliot Tree Funding with Jere Fitterman

  • Every street tree within Eliot was counted and looked at for disease, size and other factors to determine the longevity of the tree.
  • We have trees that will grow quite large in our narrow parking strips and they are unhealthy.
  • We need to be replanting smaller trees now so that we continue to have beautiful within our neighborhood.
  • Street trees are a valuable asset to the community.  Beyond aesthetic benefits street trees improve air and water quality, provide shade, increase property value and contribute to the safety and livability of the neighborhood.  Check out this link about the connection between lack of trees and poverty.
  • Jim motions that we spend $500 of the Blazer beautification money to help in the process of replanting these trees.
  • Sue seconds
  • All in favor—none opposed

United to Say No to Propane Export with Chris from Climate Action Coalition

  • Proposed Pembina export facility located at Terminal 6 is trying to get permission to export propane to China.  They would only be liable for the propane while it was on their property not during the transfer.
  • Many people are concerned about the dangers of propane export, they wonder if it would actually add jobs to people presently living in Porltand and they are concerned about leakage and also the fact that Pembina will only claim responsibility for the propane while it is physically on their port property.
  • They want a letter of support from each of the Portland Neighborhood Associations because they are worried about backroom dealings.  They want a strong united front from all the neighborhoods.
  • Joan moves that Eliot supports the opposition
  • Jim seconds
  • All in favor—none opposed.

Public Share

  • People living at Dawson Park Apartments are concerned the bathrooms at the park are closing too early. They have seen lots of people using the lawn to suffice when the bathrooms were locked.
  • Eliot will put together a letter of support and send it to Parks and Rec

Board Members Present:

  • Annie Rudwick
  • Angela Kremer
  • Becca Pollard
  • Jim Hlava
  • Joan Ivan
  • Jeri Stein
  • Kristin Yates
  • Sue Stringer

Guests Present:

  • Jim and Shirley Bogan–Neighbors
  • Chris–Climate Control Coalition
  • David Lomaz–Meals on Wheels
  • Adam Lyons—NECN
  • Jere Fitterman—Neighbor
  • Johnny Engleheart-Noel—Neighbor
  • Ronnie Blocker—Neighbor
  • Stuart Marshall–Neighbor
  • Su (e) Dirg —Neighbor

Meeting Adjourned