Board Meeting Minutes 2015-06-15


6:30 Meeting Begins

Opening question:

Affordable Housing—Is it important? If so, how do we make it happen?

  • City needs to create incentives/rewards for developers who place a certain amount of low-income rentals in each of their buildings.
  • Rent control–freezing rents to prevent dramatic increases.
  • Increasing the amount of housing so the demand is met.
  • Show people that owning a home is not only viable to them but it is a great investment for their future.

African American Health Coalition with Tyson Johnson

Since 1989, The African American Health Coalition, Inc. (AAHC) has consistently advanced health outcomes within Portland’s African American community through an innovative community based approach to health and well being.

  • They have their 20th Annual “Soul Stroll” coming up on August 15th!
  • $20/person $150/community groups or nonprofits.

Crime Watch

  • Noticeable drug activity on Brazee between 7th and MLK.
  • Someone attempted to pick Jeri’s front door lock.
  • Put an article in the paper with the non-emergency numbers and how to report crime.

LUTC Update 

  • Divider at Rodney and Ivey will be taken out.
  • Instead it will be made into a one-way going south at that point.
  • Welcome new LUTC member Montse.

Faubion Update with Kimm Fox-Middleton Outreach Manager for PPS

They are completely rebuilding Faubion with the help of the bonds measure and Concordia University

Concerns would include:

  • Impact on traffic. Ten buses, hundreds of bikes & cars go through that intersection especially during the morning time. Parents dropping off students will happen at the back of the building.
  • They think almost all of the parents will end up using the busing system.
  • Playground access. They will be using Lillis-Albina Park as their playground which has a small play structure on it.  They also may be creating a line within the park they will be asking the neighborhood not to cross to keep the kids safe.

August 23rd is the Community Cares day for PPS schools–come out and help with landscaping

Retreat Talk with Angela Kremer

  • 8 people came to the retreat.
  • They looked at strengths and the weaknesses within the board.
  • Looked at the roles of the board members.
  • Sue Stringer thought it was a great experience especially because she got to know people on the board in a better way.
  • Angela would like us to have a committee of people who would work on the bylaws and another committee of people whose goal would be to find new board members.
  • Angela will also be stepping down as chair and she would like people to start thinking about taking that position over.

New Communication Committee Starting Up with Becca Pollard, Jeri Stein and Sue Stringer

  • Our mission statement is 11 points long.  We need to think of something that is much more concise but encompasses the boards purpose.
  • July 15th might be their first meeting.
  • First project will be to design a brochure that welcomes people when they arrived at the meeting and gives them an idea about how the meetings work.

Sandwich Boards and Lawn Signs with Kristin Yates and Sue Stringer

  • 2 Sandwich boards have been ordered.
  • 100 lawn signs will be ordered along with the metal brackets.
  • Kristin and Sue will be deciding more about the design of those signs and also whether to include LUTC meetings on the opposite side.
  • People will place them in their yards about two weeks each month to announce both upcoming meetings if LUTC is represented on the sign.

Intersection Painting with Jeri Stein

  • Thank you thank you thank you Jeri for another wonderful year of painting the intersection.  It looks amazing!
  • 80 people participated up from 46 last year.
  • 9 companies contributed to the event.


Dawson Park Concerts coming right up. Please let Tamille Lundmark ( know if you will be able to place a sign in your parking strip to publicize the concerts!

Good in the Hood — Please let Jeri Stein know if you will be working the table at the event!

  • Jeri makes a motion that we pay $450 for a table at the event. All in favor. None opposed.Clint Lundmark abstains.
  • Jeri makes a motion to have a events box that would have everything in it for table setup—canopy, table, two chairs. Angela says we have spent enough money at this point and that borrowing these items still seems to be an okay plan.

Healthy Family Wellness Fair at Emanuel Hospital on August 8th!


8:20 Meeting Adjourned

Board Members Present:

Annie Rudwick

Angela Kremer

Becca Pollard

Clint Lundmark

Joe Entler

Jeri Stein

Kristin Yates

Pamela Weatherspoon

Sue Stringer


Tyson Johnson

Shirley and Jim Bogan

Kimm Fox-Middleton