Board Meeting Minutes 2015-07-20


6:45—Meetings Begins

Minutes read and approved

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods Update with Adam Lyons–

  • Funded by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement
  • Better process will be beginning for receiving communication funds
  • Allotments will happen twice a year no receipts needed just a description of what you will be using the money for.
  • NECN has also been pitching ideas around Last Thursday in hopes that  money is made and given back to organizations that need it within the neighborhoods. Right now thousands of people are showing up in King and surrounding neighborhoods with little or no benefit to those communities.
  • Sue would like to hear about what other neighborhood associations are doing that is working.  What is it that gets people interested and active in other neighborhoods? Activities events, committees?
  • The best way to hear from NECN and get info is to contact Adam—

Crime Report and Safety

  • More altercations seem to be occurring at Dawson Park lately
  • Some suggestions would be to find the correct email for Mary Tompkins 
  • Write a letter from Eliot to Portland Police Department detailing the activity that has been occurring there. Create a paper trail.
  • Go and use the park.  The more it is used for good the more it will make the people who are not using it for good feel uncomfortable.  Overall Dawson Park is an extremely safe park to be in especially during daylight hours.  Keep enjoying it!
  • Other neighborhoods have organized park walks to lower crime.
  • Join SALT there you will get tips and resources about what other neighborhoods are doing to deescalate crime within their communities

National Night Out Tuesday, August 4th 5:30 to 8:30 with Becca Pollard

  • We need a band
  • We need raffle items
  • We need volunteers
  • Becca makes a motion to put $300 towards paying a band to play
  • Jeri seconds
  • Eight in favor one abstention; motion passes.
  • What are the businesses you go to all the time?  Ask them to donate to National Night Out!

Monthly Update Discussion

  • We need to create a list of when events happen within the neighborhood and when we should start preparing for them.  This would include the cleanup, intersection painting, newspaper deadlines, Good in the Hood, MLK Dream Run, Concerts in the Park & National Night Out (…).  It would be good to have us getting prepped for these things six months out with the breakdown listing what we should have done six months, three months, one month, one week in advance, what the event might cost us, the amount of volunteers needed and supplies to bring and a schedule of when we should launch social media bursts.
  • We have a tons of things during every spring and summer month, including most of the things that people from the community conversations were interested in seeing happen. How do we get Eliot Neighborhood involved in these things?  How do we change the energy to get people involved?
  • It would also be great to reinstate a review of the treasurer during each meeting so we can know what is coming in and going out of our account.
  • In October we will elect the new board and then in November the board will elect officers. All officer positions are open.  Consider running for Chair, Vice Chair, Newsletter Editor, Treasurer or Recorder.

Meeting Adjourned

Board Members Present: Becca Pollard, Clint Lundmark, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Joe Entler, Jeri Stein, Kristin Yates, Patricia Montgomery, Sue Stringer

Visitors Present: Adam Lyons, Alan Silver, Ken Triplett, Carol McKenzie