Reasons To Join Our Board

Outreach Table
Eliot Neighborhood Outreach Table

You probably can tell a story about your best group experiences. We aim to have those at all our Eliot meetings.  We want you to feel welcome and connected and sense the trust even when no ones talking.  As Chair, I welcome you to consider joining our Board or our committees and I have nine reasons you might want to:

1. You’re new or you’re Eliot born and raised

We welcome anyone truly wanting to serve, and represent voices and perspectives that are missing or have the need to feel part of the community through showing up and sharing.

2. You add diversity and new perspectives

This year the Association committed to change because it does not really represent the full diversity of Eliot. We have not yet attracted Board members who are people with disabilities, youth, elders, LGBTQ, faith leaders,  or people who identify with or represent ethnic diversity, so if this is part of your story please share your perspective.

3. You’re a parent or grandparent

Interacting socially while watching your kids be involved makes for a win-win community outcomes.

4. You have a skill to teach or want to learn

We really need social media gurus and web skills, grant writing, and community relationships. We need both great listeners and conversationalist to welcome and value people.

5. You can have fun with great people

We have a great group of people sharing the work. We begin each meeting with a pair and share. We aim for a balance, appreciating ideas, including frustrations.

6. You’re overwhelmed by the changes

You can connect with others who care.

7. You can be part of the change

We are lucky in Eliot because we have collective action power by creating the Neighborhood Livability Partnership to lead and fund great projects. Are you jazzed by the idea of the Sign Cap project, an identifier street sign top for the whole the neighborhood? Do you want to see us finally have a Parking Permit to help your street?

8. You’re retired or in career change or looking for vocational opportunities

Eliot is a great place for sharing your skills and building  experiences.

9. You can catch fascinating presentations

We frequently have artists and advocates, like the African American History Art on Williams, Fabion School Move to Tubman, and New Housing and Retail sprouting up all over Eliot present at our meetings.

We are making it easier and more supported than ever. Please feel free to contact me personally if you are interested or any of our Board members.