Eliot’s Best Brunch Spots

This April one of Eliot’s staples, The Waypost, stopped serving brunch, but fortunately for residents of the neighborhood, we’ve still got some great options for Portland’s favorite meal! We asked for your input and now here are the top three!

Pine State Biscuits

The latest addition to Eliot’s list of brunch options is Pine State Biscuits’ new location on NE Schuyler, which came in third place in our survey with 16% of the votes. This casual spot offers a walk-up takeout window where you can grab a quick bite to go or order a full meal and seat yourself in the small, but well laid-out dining area.

Broder Nord

With 21% of the votes, Broder Nord ranked second. If you can handle the wait you will be rewarded with beautifully presented Scandanavian breakfast dishes in an elegant space with lots of natural light.

Bridges Cafe and Catering

Earning 57% of your votes, Bridges is Eliot’s favorite brunch spot.

With good coffee, weekly specials incorporating fresh seasonal ingredients, and cozy, unpretentious decor, it’s easy to see why the locals love this restaurant, and remarkable that even with its highly visible corner location it rarely suffers from the long waits Portlanders have come to expect on weekend mornings.

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One thought on “Eliot’s Best Brunch Spots

  1. It might be good idea to include these businesses addresses. And for my money, I think I will pass on any more dining at Bridges Cafe.


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