C. Mebus House Demolished

2318 Rodney
C Mebus house just before final demolition

Another historic single family home in Eliot was demolished back in July. At the same time the large old trees were removed leaving a flat, barren lot. The house sat at 2318 NE Rodney and according to a neighbor was occupied by the same family for a very very long time.  It had fallen into disrepair over the last 25 or so years. However, like most houses that have been erased from the neighborhood, it is very likely it could have been salvaged and restored into a great starter home for a new family.

The house was built in 1895 or 1896.  The property was purchased by Charles Mebus from the City of Albina in 1895. Mebus was listed as a cutter for W.H. McMonies and Co., a well known leather manufacturing firm. *

According to permits filed by the new owners –  Satterberg Construction Corporation – the lot will be divided into two different lots.  Each lot will have a new single family “skinny house”.  Early plans indicate each house will have off-street parking with a tuck-under garage.

It is unfortunate and sad to see a historic home that has existing in our neighborhood for nearly 120 years be torn down and end up in a landfill.  On the other hand, if something is going to be built, new single family homes with off-street parking have less impact than a higher density apartment complex where residents are competing for parking on the street.

Regardless, it is gone forever.  Something shiny and new will replace it soon.

*Historical information from The History of Albina by Roy Roos.

2318 Rodney after demolition
2318 Rodney after demolition in July

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